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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Believe

This time of year "I Believe" takes on a different significance when we start to think about the magic of Santa. However, Gavin's school has created a year long theme around just this saying - I Believe. Yesterday, Fox news captured the kids as they recorded a song written by their music teacher. Although, Gavin's AM Kindergarten class wasn't there for the taping, he might be persuaded to do a private concert for family and friends :). The recording was intended for You Tube and the kids hope to inspire other children through it. The lyrics posted here were shared in full in the article put together by the Grand Rapids Press.

People 'round here are waking up, standing up, looking up to make a change. So ask yourself "Who am I?" To do great things don't compromise a thing. You can sit back and let it roll, you gotta make your mind up, take control and lead. I know inside that I can be all that I was meant to be, it's me. It starts with me!
I believe, Yeah, yeah. We can Change the World

I believe, Yeah, yeah. We can Change the World
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  1. Wow! It starts in the hearts of our children. Love the lyrics!

  2. Obama,Obama, Obama....Oh wait.....;)k2


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