A List Maker's Life: Gingerly

Friday, December 4, 2009


My Gingerbread Girl - with patience & great care,

my Gingerbread Pirate - with gusto & a great sweet tooth,

& my Gingerbread Baby - with the grabbies & great curiosity,

worked together to decorate their Gingerbread Friends

and to put together Gingerbread House 2009!

What do you do with your "kids in the kitchen" during the holidays?
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  1. These pictures are so good of your kids!

    I LOVE your gingerbread house and thanks for sharing these books too.

  2. I think we will give the gingerbread house a try too, so far we have only baked:)

  3. So cute! Every year Abby and Dave make a gingerbread house together. They have so much fun!

  4. Oh wow now that is one really nice gingerbread house! Geez ours won't look nearly so nice and cute.


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