A List Maker's Life: Disappearing Sweets

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Disappearing Sweets

We still have leftover Halloween candy hanging around our house, and now the Christmas treats are starting to roll in.  With some extra time to play we decided to turn our leftovers into a scientific experiment. 
Gavin and Anne Hope each had 2 experiements up and running. 

~left over candy
~various liquids: milk, water, vinegar
~pens & notebooks
~inquiring minds

Choose a candy
Set up an experimental design
Write a prediction for what might happen
Mix the experiment
Let is set
Write observations
Repeat & Have Fun!

In our mini experiements we found that all of the candies we chose eventually disolved.  The treats in water disolved more quickly than milk.  The vinegar didn't seem to speed the process like we had hypothsized.  Anne Hope was most fascinated by watching the liquids turn pink.

On a snow day side note: We didn't venture out to get any, but it might be fun to add snow to a bowl to see what kinds of predictions and results the kids come up with.
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  1. Great investigations Katie. I love the fact that Anne Hope was so into the pink liquids.

  2. Science=fun.
    What a great way to teach your children.
    Keep up the good work:)


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