A List Maker's Life: Annual Check Up

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Annual Check Up

 Every year we play a little game with our family and friends.  We put our heads together in anticipation of what the new year will bring.  A new game will start tomorrow, but for today let's see how we did on
predictions for 2009. 

Katie's Predictions:
~Kevin will cry on Gavin’s first day of Kindergartendepends on who you ask...that’s a close call
~Another great grandbaby for Kevin's grandma yes, and another on the way
~Gibson will be the first of our kids to say “Mom” for his first wordfinally one of my kids said mama first!
~Michelle Obama will wear a red dress for the inaugurationbummer, she chose yellow
Brad & Angelina will add to their family again (x2)guess not
~Baby Boy Wojcik will be born on March 7 - Sweet Henry arrived on March 6
Gavin will learn how to readHe’s doin’ it!
Someone in the family will get a new jobPraise the Lord!!!
~Anne Hope will learn to ride a 2-wheelershe practiced, but went back to the comfort of training wheels
~The Lions will win 9 games in '09were we dreaming when we wrote these?
~Kevin's extended family will celebrate an engagementmaybe New Year’s Eve? Katie’s family had 3 engagements and 2 weddings to celebrate in ’09 though.

Kevin's Predictions:
~The Lions make the playoffs in '09sorry Kevy
Katie will cry when Anne Hope goes to preschooldidn’t even let Anne Hope go to preschool…
~ Gas will shoot to $5 a gallonactually went down
President Obama will walk on waterwell, yeah!
~The new great grand baby will NOT be from uscorrect-o!
~Governor Granholm will let her hair grow out, thereby getting rid of the boy look - who knew you were so opinionated about hair fashion, Kev?
The Iraqi shoe thrower will get a 20/20 interview with Diane Sawyer - nope, he's in obscurity
~President Obama will heal the sick of course
Michigan State will go to the Rose Bowl - bummer for the Spartans
Anne Hope will finally learn to "go on the potty"thank goodness, 2 in cloth diapers would be really hard on our washing machine
Shine, by the Newsboys, will continue to be played as a great hit on JQ99you ask and you shall receive, now would you like to hear Big House?
~Granholm will continue to stun us with her economic decisions - true
~The Office will still be very popular, even though I totally don't get it - true

Those were our predictions. 
Here are a few more taken from the January '09 comments.

From Mom & Dad:
~The Lions will waste their draft picks on another receiver - not this time, they got a quarterback
~The Shack will be made into a movie - not yet, but I'm sure it's in the works
~MI will raise gas taxes - no, thank goodness
~The American Idol winner will be a girl - not this year, the show featured strong male contestants and came down to a man on man finale.

From the Schweris:
~The Lions will only win one game  - they've squeaked out 2 wins
~Someone will stop smoking - I hope so

From the Andersons:
~ For the first time since 2004, Pete & Amy will have a year free of car accidents - none that we heard about
~ Peyton will be walking by the end of February - think so, he walks like a champ now
~The Tigers will regroup and win The World Series - sorry Michigan
~Pete and Amy will FINALLY paint their house - and Kevin will do an amazing job helping us with the patio. :)  The garage is painted & the patio looks great!

We hope you'll check back tomorrow to weigh in with your predictions for 2010!
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  1. what a great tradition!

    And I get to move back in early, (Sunday!) can you ask a favor to the Hope Plow Guys? ;)

  2. Kevin's are too funny: Governor Granholm will let her hair grow out, thereby getting rid of the boy look!!!


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