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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Things I Love: My New BusyBodyBook

Every December the #1 wish on my Christmas list is for a new planner. Below that, I typically ask for cute notebooks to write in and keep track of all of my weekly lists. For me, the BusyBodyBook is an all in one!

BusyBodyBook's Personal and Family Organizers offer a way to keep track of the important schedules, appointments, and details that make up the story of a busy family all in one handy place. I am currently working on filling up the January-December 2010 edition with our family commitments!

Check out the design features:
~There are protective clear plastic front and back covers to ensure the BusyBodyBook will hold up despite it's frequent handling and hauling around.

~The organizer is 7x10 inches. This is a bit large for tossing in a regular sized purse, yet I appreciate the size when it comes to having adequate room to write in each of the calendar boxes.

~In addition to the plastic protection, the front and back pages are glossy and reinforced for added durability.

~Both covers feature a small pocket. These pockets will be perfect for storing stamps, letters that are ready to be mailed, notes that I have to hold on to for a short time, and more!

~The spiral binding makes it possible for the current week to lay flat on the counter or desk.

~There is a movable bookmark included that tucks into the spiral binding on the current week. I suppose that if I get in the habit of moving this bookmark it would be a better alternative than tearing out used pages like I do in my other planners and notebooks. I do wonder how long this little guy will hold up though since it will essentially be torn out of spirals and put back in every 7 days. Hmmm?

~The 2010 BusyBodyBook comes in 2 designs: Pumpkin and Berry. I think they are designed to be somewhat gender neutral. I'd love to see them continue to add to their designs, since I would hope to use the same planner for 2011, but would rather not stick with the same design. Something floral would be fun:).

~Inside this planner there are weekly grids, journaling boxes, tear out to-do lists, a place to plan ahead for 2011's monthly appointments, 2-page spreads with a 6 Months at a Glance calendar, and a 2 page address book page for most important contact information.

What I LOVE about this particular organizer is the double page spread set aside for each week. On the left hand side, half of the page is blank for thoughts and doodles. The other half of the left side is list paper with small check boxes. The right hand side is a 5 column weekly grid.

There are so many different ways this could be personalized to fit your family's needs. As a student, I would have labeled each column with a different subject area and organized my assignments as such. As a mom, I will label my columns as: K2 (Kevin & Katie), Kids (who needs to be where, when?), Blogs (what writing needs to be done today and for which blog?), Menu (what's for dinner?), Contact (who do I need to touch base with via phone, letter, or email?).

I did toss around several other ideas before settling on my 5 categories. I thought about making lists for: Must Dos & Want to Dos, each of the 5 people in our family, or columns prioritized with a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 rating.

I decided to use the doodle space to write my short term and long term goals. The check list will organize the things I'd like to get done during the week that are not assigned to a specific date. I will use the tear off lists in the back of the book to write my weekly grocery lists on, as well as to keep track of what meat and meals are waiting in the freezer.

Although I will miss the anticipation of seeing what adorable Mary Engelbreit original is pictured as I turn to a fresh week, I am really excited for 2010 to kick off now that I have clean calendar boxes to fill. (I do hope to still have a ME wall calendar to hang in my kitchen...). My December 2009 calendar will probably thank me too, since I'm not waiting until Christmas to upgrade to a new planner there will be much less chicken scratching in December's blank boxes. Now, I just have to find a pen I'm in love with to use consistently in my BusyBodyBook.

Silly, I know!

Thank you so much to BusyBodyBooks for sending me a 2010 Personal & Family Grid Organizer to "take for a test drive." I hope that my statements here, though not as a professional editorial reviewer, reflect my personal excitement and opinion about this product.
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  1. I love how organized you are. I have tried using a planner in the past, but find I am more organized when I have a good old fashioned calendar on the wall. But I love the way this one is laid out. You have almost made a convert out of me :)

  2. Two peas in a pod we are, Katie! I just picked up my favorite little pocket calendar from the Target dollar bins last week (they are usually out every year around this time and come in pocket size week-at-a-glance or full size month-at-a-glance). Of course, I've already started filling up the dates with birthdays and other days of importance. It was one of the highlights of my week!

  3. That's awesome! I have ADD and can seriously use all the help I can get!

  4. I got something like this last year... still don't know what happened to it, but it was SO cute and had space for EVERYTHING!
    Now I use my PTA Planner... which is great! :)

  5. I love getting new planners and calendars. Since I work at a school, I always get a new one in July since my mind is on an academic year.

  6. This sounds like something that is right up my alley!! Thanks for the great review. My purse might even be large enough to take it with me everywhere I go! ;)


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