A List Maker's Life: Sailing on the Silly Ship

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sailing on the Silly Ship

Our crazy rendition of Mayflower head gear in honor of Thanksgiving.

Back story:
Before this picture the kids had also just finished putting together chocolate marshmallow Pilgrim hats, as evidenced by the ring around the mouth on these 2 monkeys! They also insisted on sitting in water, which is why the blue blanket is draped over the couch for some of the pictures. You'll also notice that Gavin made his hat reversible so he could tell the Thanksgiving story with it. And overall they thought the whole thing was quite hysterical!
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  1. I Love It!
    The sense of fun and seeing them
    so silly happy.
    Thankful you posted.

  2. Precious photos and what great memories you are creating! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. These are super cute pictures and priceless!

  4. So cute! You can tell they are having a blast!

  5. What cuties! I love their hats,so creative!


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