A List Maker's Life: Pirate Treasure

Monday, November 30, 2009

Pirate Treasure

This summer as Gavin celebrated his 5th birthday he received an adorable stuffed pirate puppet. He really enjoys using it to tell his make believe stories. But, even more fun is the look on Gibson's face when Gavin shows him the puppet. He giggles hysterically and it is undeniably contagious. So, for Christmas I wanted to find him a stuffed pirate of his own.

I found something cuter than I could have imagined, perfect for a 1 year old pirate fan, at Growing Tree Toys.

This little mate is made by Manhattan toys, of which we are already huge fans as evidenced by Anne Hope's "fantabulous" Groovy Girl collection.

The Dress Up Pirate Toy is bold and colorful, created with fabrics of multiple textures and prints. He is the perfect size for little hands to carry around, at just 15 inches tall. In stead of being scary or dark like most pirate paraphernalia, Dress Up Pirate has a sweet and a friendly looking parrot pal.

I love that beyond just being cute, this is a toy that teaches. He happens to be a dressing doll with buttons, zippers, hook & loops, pockets, and ties for Gibson to learn to manipulate.

Growing Tree Toys has developmentally labeled, imaginative, colorful, and educational toys for kids of all ages. There site is organized and they stock many toys by well known manufacturers such as KidKraft, Doug & Melissa, Alex Toys, Playmobil, and more. They also carry the season's popular Automoblox that I am considering as part of Gavin's Christmas gift.

If you have any children on your shopping list this season, you will want to take some time to browse Growing Tree Toys. While you are there take a look at their fantastic Deal of the Day. In fact, check in often and buy quickly, as each day one toy will be offered at a significant discount until it is sold out!

Thank you so much to Green Tree Toys for sending this pirate treasure free of charge for the purpose of reviewing him, and their site, on my blog. I am so thankful to them for helping us make a Christmas wish come true.


  1. That is such a cute pirate doll. Your girl must be groovy with all those groovy girls:)

  2. What a cute pirate for a cute little boy! Hope he enjoys it.

  3. That is such a super cute pirate, I almost picked that one because it would've matched my Godbrother's son's room perfectly and made a perfect gift to send over to CO. But once we saw the marble run we HAD to get that, because ER's wanted one forever and she does love it.

    BTW does Anne Hope really have that many Groovy Girls! WOW! We haven't gotten into those but they have another line with candy themed dolls and ER has one of those, Candyheart Cassidy but she doesn't play with her much. She likes her Barbies and princess dolls better.


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