A List Maker's Life: I {Heart} Faces & Balloons

Monday, November 2, 2009

I {Heart} Faces & Balloons

Even though today is Gibson's birthday,

I couldn't resist sharing this picture taken on Gavin's 3rd birthday, when Anne Hope (16 months) was totally into the balloons! She was also just learning about the obligatory camera "cheese" face. In this picture, even more than the colorful balloons and her sweet face, I am in love with Anne Hope's thighs!

So, here's to birthdays! celebrations! baby faces! and captured moments!

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  1. She is a doll : ) Happy Birthday to your baby!

  2. What a great picture!! So beautiful! Happy Birthday to Gavin!

  3. Oh my gosh, Katie, I love this picture! She is so cute!

  4. She is sooo adorable!! What a little doll!


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