A List Maker's Life: Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

It is not lost on us that in 2009 many of our friends and neighbors have suffered through underemployment and unemployment. It is a difficult time for many here in Michigan. "In many situations jobs have been eliminated, benefits have been reduced, and work place tensions are high because of financial stress.

Yet, we have been blessed beyond expectation with Kevin's new job, which happens to be at my fave alma mater;). He has a job he loves. A job he looks forward to going to each day. A job with built in friends for life. A job made for him.

For this, we give thanks!

There are sweet babies, similar in age to our own, who have faced severe health scenarios in 2009; wives and mothers have been struck by tragedy, impacting the lives of all those in their influence. Many families may likely spend this holiday in a hospital surrounded by the scary and unfamiliar.

Yet, our dear babe has grown and developed right on schedule with nothing more than the occasional fever. His siblings, Gavin & Anne Hope, are happy, healthy, learners, thinkers, and lovers of life. Kevin and I appreciate each day we live free of debilitating health issues of our own.

For this, we give thanks!

People around our country find themselves losing their homes or relying on shelters this Thanksgiving. Worldwide, meeting the needs of daily nourishment is a constant struggle.

Yet, we find ourselves with plenty to eat and the means to prepare it to our tastes. We enjoy a cozy home with rooms and beds for all. We have running water for all seasons and heat in the winter. Most importantly, we have an eternal home to look forward to.

For this, we give thanks!

Hands to hold.
Voices to speak.
Teachers to nurture.
Parents to encourage.

For all we have & have to look forward to, we give thanks!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Katie! So glad you have so much to be thankful for.

  2. You said that perfectly. Happy turkey day.

  3. Katie! You won my Smart-Bottom Kids craft kit giveaway! I'm thinking my emails to you have been going to your junk mail. Email me! :)

  4. Amen, Katie. And we're thankful for children, children-inlaws and grandchildren. We love you all!


    Mom M. aka G'Ma M.


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