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Monday, November 23, 2009

From the Pages of Our Life

Ever wonder what I do with the review books that I'm not crazy about?

Just kidding!
Well, kind of.

Thanks to this clever video tutorial from Living with Lindsay I spent my Grey's Anatomy hour last week multi-tasking (as if it wasn't enough to keep up with their insane, shoving 3 months worth of holidays into 1 episode, drama).

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  1. Ha, ha...did you really make that! How cool, looks very time consuming. Speaking of review books you don't like I was just looking at my book on altering books for artistic purposes and thinking I had the perfect book on hand to use for it!

  2. LOL!!!!! :D Love it! I've been lucky enough to only get books to review that I've loved :) I'm sure the day is coming though ;) Now I'll know what to do! hehe!

  3. I totally watch Grey's anatomy too! :) I gave you an award today! Come and get it! ;)


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