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Friday, November 13, 2009

Family Fun Night

Happy Friday! Tonight was supposed to be family fun night here in the K2 household, but none of us were feeling very fun. Gibson had his one year overload of vaccines today and Gavin was still recovering from a late night concert date last night:), so we postponed our family ritual until Saturday night. Phew! Time for me to actually plan what we will do.

In my efforts to pick an activity I checked out one of my all time favorite resources for Family Fun and found something that I was oober excited about. Well, what to my wondering eyes??? Once Upon a Family has a new 5-in-1 Family Fun Night Membership. In the past I used to get tons of inspiration for family fun from a group of great friends at our monthly Live, Laugh, Love Club. However, we all ran out of new material (and, unfortunately, free time) and quit meeting. This 5-in-1 Family Fun Night Membership looks like it might fill my need - for new ideas, not the time out with my girls...

It appears that each month members are sent 4-5 downloadable activities that promote fun family togetherness. This month's activities include:

Family Trivia BINGO

"This Thanksgiving laugh your way through a Family Trivia Bingo game that not only helps you learn interesting things about each other, but also creates a family keepsake!"

Gratitude Doorknob Drops

This one reminds me of the Cones of Compassion we did last Easter.

"The best way to HAVE great friends and neighbors is to BE a great friend or neighbor. Attach a simple “Thank You” note to your “gift basket,” add some homemade cookies, or a little packet of Golden Lists for the whole family, and leave it hanging on their doorknob."

My Golden List

We've done a version of this with our kids the past several years.

"Sometimes we need a little reminder to help us stay focused on all of the wonderful things we are lucky to have. Hang these Golden Lists in places where you are sure to see them everyday, such as the bathroom mirror, the bedroom doorknob or the kitchen bulletin board. This simple tradition will make being grateful a daily habit for everyone in your family."

Grateful Name Cards & Thankful Leaves

"Imagine sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner and in front of each person’s plate is a Name Card that opens up to heartfelt comments from family members expressing gratitude for that person’s presence in their lives. The Thankful Leaves give everyone an opportunity to think about what’s important and share their own “gratefuls” with the rest of the family."

It looks like I've found a few options for our postponed family fun night & it looks like I will be adding this membership to my growing Christmas wish list.
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  1. Great ideas! I will have to check this out.

  2. Oh that does look great! I will head over and have a look!

  3. I love love the Thanksgiving Day family trivia - I have the family over every year - what a great a fun way to spend time together.
    Thank you.
    Love to you


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