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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Town of Fine

This summer, on an East coast road trip, my parents happenend through the Town of Fine. Knowing me the way they do, the town's welcome sign brought on special significance. Enough so that they took a picture of it. Along with my parents, anyone of my friends or family members who have had meaningful conversations with me know my "fine."

Instead of passing through town I've recently taken up residence there.

How is your week?

How are the kids?

How about dinner on Saturday?

How is the drive to school going everyday?

Did you see the Tiger's play tonight?
It was Fine.

My clothes are still wet.
Put them on anyway, they're Fine!

My blog is Fine. My business is Fine. My house is Fine. My outfit is Fine. Dinner was Fine. The messes are Fine... Seriously, I'm FINE!

But, living here is not fine.
It's time to move. There are houses for all over the place.

I won't be looking in Town of Perfect, but I'm sure there must be a lovely 4 bedroom, 2 bath waiting in Town of Enjoy, Town of Hope, Town of Get Over It, Town of Energized, or Town of Make it Better!

Self. Sell the house in Town of Fine, pack your boxes, and get a move on!

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  1. An otherwise very genuine gal could
    work on that piece I'm sure.
    We love you!

  2. North Muskegon is a town of enjoy once you get to know people, come here and I will show you with much glee!!! :)

  3. Are you guys really moving????

  4. I am right there with you! We are putting our house up for sale ASAP. Any interest in a 4 br 1.5 ba in K-wood?

  5. welcome to the housing market...I have just the house...you may need to add a bedroom!

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  7. Wow friends! No literal boxes here. Actually, had nothing at all to do with moving away from our home or Holland. Just moving away from "fine"

  8. I love it! Thanks for the attitude boost today :)

  9. Ha that is funny! I do remember you telling me once how you really dislike the term "fine." Which is fine with me! And I wasn't convinced you were moving literally and thinking more figuratively proably because I certain you had a "change" coming up only to be straightened out that there are no changes in sight...You are a tricky one! ha!

  10. Wow, almost everyone missed that point! Hello metaphor! Husband Kevin


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