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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chocolate: A Love Story

Since school has started Gavin is in love. He's in love with the printed word. He's in love with letters. He's in love with his own name and we are finding his name carefully printed on objects all over our home. It's fun to see him fall in love with language and learning.

Speaking of love stories...
Among other things, I'm in love with chocolate.

Yesterday my UPS man delivered a little package. He might as well have packaged up the inside of Socrates, because when I opened it up I could all but smell my favorite college coffee house hang out. What actually was inside? Chocolate: A Love Story - 65 Chocolate Dessert Recipes from Max Brenner's Private Collection compiled by Max Brenner and illustrated with the unique artwork of Yonatan Factor. Delicious!

The book isn't just a collection of Death by Chocolate plates, rather it's filled with recipes that feature just enough chocolate to add that most amazing chocolate taste.

The recipes are defined by their "flavors" and given names such as: Well Disciplined, Modest, Dependable, Politically Correct, Soap Opera, Tacky, Overwhelming, Handsome, Nostalgic, Painful, Enticing, One & Only, and more. I decided my first trial recipe would need to be something with a "List Maker's flavor."

I found it on page 28,
The Control Freak Chocolate Spread

Dark Chocolate,
Sweetened Condensed Milk,
and Slivered Almonds...

...Chocolate Loving Control Freak heaven!

Wanting to also find a Cozy Option to try in our chilly fall home I set my taste buds on page 57,
A Therapeutic Chocolate Pot Pie

Heavy Cream,
White chocolate
Cream Cheese
Vanilla Beans,
and Strawberry...


If they were all made up I'd send a slice of Mon Cheri Chocolate Cherry Pie to Mom, Lost Childhood Chocolate Birthday Cake to Annie, Well-Disciplined Lady Fingers to Anne Hope, and The American Dream pancakes to Kevin. But, there is something for everyone with a sweet tooth. Chocolate in Carrot Cake, Banana Muffins, Mousse, Pie, Drinks, Donuts, Truffles, and Tortes.

Each recipe is accompanied by a yummy piece of Yonatan's artwork comprised of bright colors and strong text.

This book would be a tasty addition to your cookbook shelf or a coffee table conversation piece.

Chocolate: A Love Story is now available to purchase. Thanks to Hatchette Book Club for sending me a free copy of the book for my review. As a lover of chocolate, this book was easy for me to love.
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  1. I know I am PMSing, but holy crap, you are making me drool! mmmm!!
    It's not a nice thing to do to a girl on a diet!

  2. Yummy yummy yummy!
    I must buy this cookbook!

  3. Good thing the weight loss competition is over with--you would have been in BIG trouble! ;)

  4. Oh looks so yummy! I so wanted to sign up for this one but I thought being diabetic and all I didn't need any additional temptations or new sweet receipes to add to my collection! Trying to be better about not cheating so often.

  5. I love chocolate Myself but trying to get into smaller jeans and Husband Diabetic like above so trying to do better for whole family but if gave it to FRIEND as gift for Christmas smile KayMI kaysweep@att.net

  6. Eureka! Thanks for the heads up about this book. I had never heard of it. I will have to add it to my library and review it on the blog for sure.


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