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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Appreciating Artistic Expression

Art Prize: An open art contest in Grand Rapids

Last weekend we had the opportunity to take in the amazing event that is Art Prize. Grand Rapids has so many neat opportunities and when they offer something special, West Michigan shows up in force. I'm certain we were one of at least 500,000 (slight exaggeration) people crammed into the streets of GR to view many creative masterpieces. This event, which was an experimental first for the city, has blown people away with the overwhelmingly positive response.

On the corners, hanging from buildings, adorning hallways, adhered to the facades, floating in the river, secured to the top of bridges, wafting through the air - ART!

It truly was impressive to see the creativity that abounds. Each piece of art was displayed in hopes of winning the prize ($250,000.00). The winner is to be determined by popular opinion. While viewing the art work, passers by had the opportunity to text in their votes for their favorite piece of work. Many of the pieces of art are also interactive.

Our family had several stand out favorites. I LOVED a massive table and chairs attached to the "blue bridge." Symbolic of Grand Rapids as the "Furniture City" and well, Grand Rapidians love to eat! Gavin was fascinated by a gigantic moose made out of iron nails. Anne Hope was drawn to a moving picture water wheel. Gibson couldn't help but giggle along to an adorable recording of babies at play. Kevin the critic declared the event to be "random!"

This weekend the field was narrowed from 1,200 entries, to a Top 10 list for the purpose of voting. Presenting, the Art Prize Top 10!

1. Moose (3D)

2. Portraits (2D)

3. Imagine That (3D)

4. Nessie on the Grand (3D)

5. Wind Dancer 2 (3D)

6. Field of Reeds (3D)

7. Open Water no. 24 (2D)

8. The Grand Dance (3D)

9. The Furniture City Sets the Table for the World of Art (3D)

10. Ecstasy of the Scarlet Empress (3D)

If you are anywhere near Grand Rapids, it is worth the effort to get downtown to check it out. The event goes through October 10th.

May the most creative artist win!
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  1. Great pictures. We really enjoyed Art Prize too, it is just such a unique thing. My sister does PR for the Children's Museum, so we are voting for Imagine That. :)

  2. The kids from the detention center in Ottawa County that my mom runs had a painting in Art Prize. I wish we could get down town to see it so it was great to have it posted on your blog. Thanks!


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