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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Out of the Mouths...

We've recorded some goofy "Gavin-isms" lately, so I thought it might be time for a little list!
Interpret as you may:

~You gotta give me more time for thinking about it
~Sorry I was acting
~I'm allergic to night
~The crust on my grilled cheese tastes like carpet remnants
~Man, I should have eaten another bowl of cereal before this soccer game
~My teacher's a pretty quick movin' gal
~It's soaking hot outside
~I hope Gibson grows up before me so I will be the ONLY kid in this family for once
~Oh Gibson, you're just as sweet as a banana slice. I'm gonna eat you up

We wonder where he gets this stuff!

On a side note...
One of Gavin's first day of school pictures (the one I posted here with all the kids lined up to head into the building for the first time) is in a local radio station's online contest. The picture with the highest rating will win a $500 photo shoot with a professional photographer. So far our photo has the highest number of votes, but the winner will be the picture with the highest rating. The station has just extended the voting deadline and competition is tightening up! If you get a chance to vote we'll owe you one in the future!
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  1. He looks like his daddy in that pic! And btw, if Ellen offers you tix to her show cause Gavin is so darn cute...TAKE ME WITH YOU! :)

  2. He is so funny. I love the "carpet remnants" comment.

    I'll go vote for you now!

  3. Good job writing all those quotes down! My 2 year old is really starting to say some cute things and this reminds me to jot it down! :)That pic deserves to win, you are a great photographer!

  4. that cracks me up! I hope you win your picture is by far the best!

  5. Good luck with the photo contest! I love how you did the black and white with him in color. These quotes are hilarious! "Carpet remnants" ??? I hope you grilled chesse is better than that! :)

  6. LoL!!!!! To those, I also love the carpet remanent one..absolutely hysterical! :D

  7. Too funny!! What a cutie!

    I've been meaning to write down all of the cute things that Mikayla is saying these days. It's just so priceless at this age.


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