A List Maker's Life: Looking Ahead

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Looking Ahead

Gavin came down at 2:00 AM and asked if he could lay next to us in bed for a few minutes before he put on his school clothes. He went on to say, “Don’t worry I already made my bed, turned off my night light, and unplugged my radio. So, my room is all ready for when I go to Kindergarten this morning.” He was so excited he couldn’t sleep. Neither could his mama.

It isn’t as much about how quickly he’s grown and how hard it is to believe the last 5 years have come and gone. It’s not difficult because we are concerned about how he will to academically and behaviorally. It’s not even because he is unprepared or unwilling to take this next step.

For me, it’s about giving up control. It’s about who and what will influence Gavin from day to day. It’s about trusting others. It’s about knowing there will be ups and downs, good days and bad days. Knowing that some kids will be friendly when he extends the invitation, and others may turn him down. It’s about celebrating the activities where he feels great success, and guiding him to solutions when he struggles.

It’s about letting go.

He is going to meet new friends. He has a fantastic teacher. He is in a great school. He is safe. He has neighbors, aunts, uncles, grandmas, and grandpas praying for him. Throughout his schooling adventures he will laugh. He will beam with pride. He will smile. He will cry. And so will I.

But today, we are looking ahead!


  1. I am so right there with you!! It is the truth, looking ahead and letting go, difficult but the adventures will be priceless!

  2. Great post! Although my son has attended a special ed preschool that is 5 days a week BUT it is only 3 hours a day. I just got weepy thinking of kindergarten next year because I already feel like I am missing out on so much. Love the edit on your pic too!

  3. Katie, it reminds me that as well as learning to "let go", which we do from birth, we are sometimes suprised by the fierceness of a mom's love. The desire to protect at any cost is so strong. I think it's how God has wired us as moms. We need wisdom from Him to know just when and how to provide that protection, and when it's time to hold back and trust Him to do the protecting. Blessings to you and your family.

  4. Love the last picture!!! Thinking of you during this time and know you will be there to encourage me when that time comes!

  5. Here's hoping you have a wonderful and enjoyable first year at school! Good luck to all.

    I was this way with my first, it got easier as they went along. My fifth is starting full time on Monday--I'm a mess. Who knew it would happen again?

  6. so true but what a great journey it will be!

  7. Oh Katie! What a sweet, heartfelt post! I just loved reading it. Those were my feelings exactly when my kids started school this year.

    I love what you did with that last picture. Very poignant. You sure have a cute little guy!

  8. Oh Katie....what a great guy you have.
    I so relate to your feelings....believe it or not I still have the same feelings even though mine are grown!

    I pray Gavin has a wonderful year and that is will be just the beginning of many great experiences for him.

  9. This is my first time on your blog and I just love this post. My daughter started Kindergarten this year as well. We decided she would go to our church where I teach 3's. I am already thinking and praying about where she will go next year. (our church only goes to kindergarten) Such a hard decision!

  10. Sorry, this was not the first time on your blog, (just for awhile). I didn't recognize it! Looks great!!!

  11. Wonderful picture and great story and words of encouragement!

    It hasn't been so easy to send my middle child out in the world of school, who struggled with social anxiety and selective mutism in preschool. Ordinary experiences most kids can shrug off...her, notsomuch. She's in K too, so this year, after a year of preparing her intensely for it, she's come a very, very long way.


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