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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall Is...

My friend, and former teaching partner, recently reminded me of a writing project we used to do with our students. The kids would brainstorm all things fall and write them into a list poem. Just as Jenn recently recorded, I was interested in seeing what types of comments my own children would have about this change of season.

Gavin - 16 months

Fall is...

...soccer games
...flowers at the farmer's market
...tulip planting
...when the leaves fall
...jumping in leaves
...raking the leaves
...going to school
...long sleeve shirts
...moonlight at night

Fall is after summer!

Anne Hope - 8 months
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  1. I love this part of fall. The cooler temps and yummy food. Great list.

  2. Good idea. I love the last one " Fall is after Summer!" So cute!

  3. Cute! I'll have to see what Abby says about Fall.

  4. I will be curious to see what the kids say and hopefully they will be as insightful as Gavin so I can post my results. Seeing and remembering your kids so small makes me miss them so much more. We have not seen you guys in ages... I think we need to remedy that, soon. Hope all is well, my Holland friends!

  5. I love all your fall pics of the kids, I'll include the apple one of Gibson in your collection since the posts are back to back:)

    Have you gone apple picking yet?

  6. great idea...I think I will snag it for school!


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