A List Maker's Life: Do You Want to Be My Friend by Eric Carle

Monday, September 21, 2009

Do You Want to Be My Friend by Eric Carle

Last week was our first edition of Thursday School! We also celebrated Anne Hope's "first day of school" with a back to school breakfast and pictures. She chose pink eggs (ACK!), so your eyes are not deceiving you when you look at this picture.

I was so excited to have the kids at our house to kick off the learning fun. Throughout the year we will be using the Itty Bitty Bookworm's Year 1 Bo curriculum. The first book we planned around was Do You Want to Be My Friend by Eric Carle, which is actually a colorful wordless book. Along with our focus on this book, we worked on: the color red, circles, numbers 1-3, and letters E & F! Now, that's a lot of cram into a short 2 hours, but we tried our best!

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During our morning meeting we sorted shapes into two piles: those that were red circles and those that were not. We also sang calendar songs and talked about the date. During our picture walk through the book, the kid's used toilet paper tube binoculars to search for animals on each page.

In the center area the kids played with an alphabet zoo, used their imaginations in our stuffed animal veterinary clinic, and built homes for plastic animals using mega blocks.

At the teacher table the kids identified all different colored eggs to add to their nests as directed. They also practiced the concepts of longest and shortest as we rolled animal tails of various lengths. Using egg stickers each of the kids carefully filled in a giant letter E.

Snack time seemed to the the highlight for all three kiddos. I put together a giant dice with the numbers 1, 2, and 3 on the sides. They took turns rolling the dice and counting out as many jelly bean eggs as the rolled number to add to their peanut butter & marshmallow nests. Tasty counting motivation.

For our craft time the kids built nests with all sorts of materials found in our art cabinet and out back yard. They piled the nest building materials onto formula can lids and topped them off with LOTS of Elmer's glue. During the nest building I spent time building pom-pom birds with each child one-on-one. They turned out cute.

We ended our class with a quick "journal write" - read sentence dictation and scribble - about our favorite part of the morning. Next time I hope to be a little more smooth with an actual closing meeting and wrap up at the end, but teaching is always a learning experience for both the adults and the kids:)

Anne Hope is anxiously anticipating her second week of Thursday school at her buddy Malachi's house. This week's book will be "ABC I Like Me."


  1. Tell me more, tell me more!! Do you switch between the three houses for school? I've been thinking about doing this with a couple of friends who chose not to put their kids in preschool this year (like me). Does Anne Hope also go to preschool? Thanks for the inspiration...I may just get my rear in gear to start this!! Love all of the projects and the Smilebox video is super cute!

  2. Wow you were busy, busy, busy!!! Feelin' like you're back in teacher mode yet? You'd be a great preschool teacher! Sounds like a lot of learning packed into a short amount of time.

    Will have to make sure I do NOT show ER those pink eggs, whoa those looks...um interesting...

  3. Adelle (and I) LOVED looking at her 1st day of Thursday School pics! Thanks for sharing... :)

  4. What a great idea and great learning tools. I don't know how you find the time but as always I am in awe. Keep up the great work, Super Mom! :)


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