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Friday, September 25, 2009

Design & Print

In perfect time for getting together your holiday greeting cards, UPrinting is offering you another chance to win a set of 250 5x7" folded custom greeting cards! This giveaway is valued at close to $200 with FREE shipping to any US winner!

nting's service and greeting card printing quality is top notch! In the last several months I have been so pleased with the customer service and printing quality I have seen at UPrinting. I'm sure you will also appreciate their product and service. I've already been putting together some "mock ups" of all purpose cards I'd love to have in my greeting card file.

In what I also think is perfect timing. This giveaway will be wrapping up during the first full week of October, when I am also going to be featuring Artistic Albums by Nicole here on A List Maker's Life. She is an amazing digital designer and would be happy to work with you to create the perfect graphic for your customized card, if you'd rather not do your own design work!

To enter to win please leave a comment telling how you plan to use 250 greeting cards! You don't send 250 Christmas cards? Be Creative!

You may increase your odds by writing about this giveaway on your blog (please link to UPrinting and A List Maker's Life) to earn an additional 4 entries!!

This giveaway will close on Monday, October 5th! post signature


  1. Ok Just so you know I easily send at least 100 cards,I can't stop at Christmas...so other than 100 Christmas cards I would make some general cards for writing thank you's, thinking of you's and notes of encouragement.

  2. I would use them for the rental property as incentives...sending them to previous renters with different incentives...and of course use them for holiday cards...all the holidays!!!!

  3. I am so excited for this giveaway! My husband and I are currently raising support to be missionaries. We have made alot of new friends from this and it would be such a blessing to be able to send them a beautiful card instead of just another newsletter.With family, old friends, and all the awesome new friends we would for sure use 250!

  4. I would love to have a bunch of multi-purpose cards on hand that I could use for any and all occasions. I'm always stuck needing a card for something but never having one in the house!

  5. Exactly! I would love to have them on hand in my pretty little bin on my kitchen counter, because it would help me jot a note to people I love or am thinking about without the thought of "too much trouble to go find a cute card in my messy workroom" and they're too boring anyway! This one is gorgeous!!

  6. This would offer a very special
    gift to offer a set of card to
    each of our nieces and nephews.
    As adult it is hard to find something special and affordable
    to give each of them. This would
    be practical as well. Along with
    the many teacher gifts for the
    buildings I'm involved with.

  7. As a realtor it would be a way to
    thank and connect with clients
    and perspective clients.

  8. I would use them for thank you cards, and to send packets of seeds from my garden to share with others. I love sticking the seeds packets in an envelope with a pretty note.

  9. I'd love custom Christmas cards, it would be nice to be creative with greetings!

    Thanks for a chance!
    Luvdaylilies at bellsouth dot net

  10. Oooh! What a cool giveaway! I might consider making some and sharing w. the moms I participate with in a mommies' group! Something mom-oriented and funny/punny! ;)

  11. I love sending out all kinds of cards! If possible, I would make some of them thank you, some Christmas, some general, some miss you...and so on. What fun! :)


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