A List Maker's Life: Beauty on a Tiger

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Beauty on a Tiger

Last Thursday we spent an exciting morning museum hopping with friends in downtown Grand Rapids. The kid's used their imagination for hours in the Children's Museum's Aunt Daisy's Farm exhibit.

Next, we headed to the VanAndel Museum for a picnic lunch with a view and a carousel ride. At the beginning of the summer I couldn't bribe the kids enough to give the carousel a try, but here we are 3 months later and Gavin and Anne Hope both enjoy the colorful, spinning classic.

Before heading home we splashed and ran around the fountains at the Gerald R. Ford Museum.

The morning was a great reminder of all the fun that is to be had in our own backyards.

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  1. That is great fun, you are so good at finding treasures near by. I love seeing the beauty on the tiger, what a great ride!


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