A List Maker's Life: Bashful Ballerina

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bashful Ballerina

For weeks Anne Hope has tirelessly counted down the days until this, her first day of dance class. Her outfit has been set out and ready and her new shoes packed in her pink bag. She bounded down the stairs with an extra spring in her step early this morning, rearing to go!

"Please don't stop at Target after we drop of Gavin, Mom. Drive right to my dance class!" she directed.

Upon arrival we were greeted by lots of other frilly pink princesses in brand new dancing gear. We gathered in the studio for announcements before the parents were instructed to leave the room during the class. I watched as Anne Hope plopped herself in the corner. I listened as she told her teacher, "I'm just here to watch." I waited in the lobby. I peeked in several times to see her still peering out of the corner as the rest of the little ladies followed each and every teacher directive.

As they filed out of class, 45 minutes later, Anne Hope came out with a firm grip on her teacher's hand. Already knowing exactly how the hour went, as far as her participation, I still ventured to ask," How was dance class?"

"It's so fun. I love it! I watched my teacher with the pretty blond hair the whole time. Maybe next week I will be able to dance too."

Oh Dear! I guess she needs a little time to warm up to all things new. We will be anxious to see what she does for her preschool teacher tomorrow;)

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  1. she looks so pretty in her dance outfit, I love it and hope Lilly will be interested soon. :)

  2. Ah, the joys of dance class. HOPEfully next week she will be more brave!

  3. You had me laughing with this one, Katie! I can just picuture it. It sounds so typical of these 3-year-old girls!

  4. What a beautiful little dancer...or soon to be, right? ;) Mikayla just had her first dance class a couple of weeks ago. I was nervous about whether or not she would participate because she kept telling me that she was just going to watch, but she was really into it and couldn't stop talking about it after her class was over. Now, she shows me all of her dancing moves. Oh, and she loves that giant mirror, too!!

    Anne Hope will be twirling around in her little dancing outfit in no time!


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