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Friday, August 28, 2009

What's On Your Plate?

There isn't as much on my plate lately as I'd like there to be, well...that is if you're talking about what's for dinner. Kevin and I are in the middle of a feisty competition with 10 of our friends. It's having an impact on how we sleep, what we drink, and when we eat. Seriously, calling it a challenge is just scratching the surface. Yet, we find ourselves feeling better than we have in a LONG time.

Anyway, as the back to school season heats up so does our schedule. I love to be involved. I rarely say no.
With Gavin starting school there are even more wonderful opportunities to get involved in. Our September calendar just might scream if I try to squeeze one more thing into her little, not so blank, boxes. (Did I just personify my calendar? Well, yes, it appears I did. She and I - we are pretty close friends). So, I suppose that means my plate is pretty full.

This week we kicked off our first (only??) season as the kindergarten team soccer coaches. What did I get us into this time!!

My scheming buddy and I met today to set up a schedule and plan preschool curriculum for our trial run at an in home co-op.

I was very encouraged by our recent parent orientation night and look forward to the start of another school year at Cherry Lane, where I will continue to serve on the parent board.

Tonight we are going to get back in the swing of all things "Friday Family Night" by introducing our new plan for moving our children's routine from chaos to order (now, that's a big order!). But, disciplined kids=happy families...right?!?! We are really excited about sharing the Champ Ladder, a little bit of pizza, and a few games of Uno.

Princess Pip has gathered all of her pretty pink gear for her first attempt at dance classes. We are looking forward to sending her to a program hosted by the local recreation department. The class is a mix of dance techniques and gymnastics training.

There are also parties, festivals, home shows, field trips, meet the teacher nights, open houses, birthday celebrations, and "quick fit in before summer ends" activities. We all have something to look forward too.

And to think I was itching to go back to teaching the fall to get us into better routines...

What's on your plate?
Grab your fork because it seems fall is coming to fill you up!
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  1. What's on my plate for Fall? Probably just survival mode:-). Any day we'll be bringing home our new little one and all I hope to accomplish for our Fall is, establish a new routine and manage to happily homeschool while doing so!!

    Good luck with all you have planned with your little ones, and lots of wishes for good health and fun too!!

  2. Good Luck with coaching soccer!

    My plate spills over next Tuesday when school starts-sports, after school clubs, PTO, it all really gets going then. I've enjoyed the lay back summer so much :)

  3. Have fun with soccer. You are way more adventurous than me! LOL!

    Fall is really getting busy. The leaves are already changing here and we have lots of events coming up.

  4. WOW Katie you do have a ton going on. So how many kiddos do you have in your co-op? Is it going to meet at your house? I think that pretty much counts as going back to teaching! And gee here I thought I'd gotten so involved by being the session rep on our co-op's board!

    Talked with Kim today, looks like things are a go. She's going to work on making up some leaves over the weekend.

  5. Katie
    I am so excited to put the preschool home thing on my plate!

  6. you are always so busy but this sounds wonderfully overwhelming. If anyone can pull it off it surely is you, I wish I was close enough to join your preschool co-op, I sure need something like that around here. :) Good luck with everything, can't wait to hear updates.


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