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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Scrapbook

Sweet Noelle, soon to be Mrs. K, over at Lil Bits and Pieces of Me shares her scrapbook each Sunday. I thought I might join her party and share a book I worked on last Sunday.

Inspired by a fellow scrappin' friend, I've always wanted to put together a book devoted to my favorite black and white photos. I typically use 12x12 pages, but I was excited to try a Milestone album. (It also forced me to be a bit more creative than just "copying" Jenn's b & w masterpiece). The beauty in these albums is that you simply slide your photos into pockets (like the good ole' days, right Jodi???). However, there is still plenty of opportunity for embellishments.

In laying out my pages I went nuts with my shape makers. No longer are they feeling neglected by the lack of attention they've seen since the introduction of the power palettes. I especially enjoyed creating the cover page. I won't mention how long I spent on this one page, but I'll happily entertain you guesses in the comments;)

Before I started this book I debated whether I wanted the mats and decorations to be exclusively black and white as well as the pictures, or if I wanted to contrast the pictures with bright colors. In the end I chose to add one piece of color to each page, as you might notice in the pages below.

Since the slide in pockets in this album are all 4x6 0r 4.5x6.5 spots, they require a little creative cropping to incorporate 5x7 and 8x10 photos.

I will look forward to adding to this album over the years as we collect new, timeless favorites!
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  1. Beautiful scrapbook pages! Hope you enjoy your Sunday.

  2. Great idea Katie, I love the idea of a black and white album and love how you've designed it. You are so creative, I have one of those but it's strictly a slide in one with some cute journaling cards I bought to coordinate with it. Very easy and quick way to scrap a summer visit home when we still lived in NM.

    Creative Memories has such great products! At my crafting party yesterday one of my sorority sisters had the neated tag punch. Love how it also had a spot to make the hole in it.

    Be sure you tell Noelle you did a SS post so she can link to you:)

  3. Slide in...now your talking, but wait do I HAVE to embellish?

  4. Great job Katie! I can't wait to see it on Thursday. I know it will be even better in person.

  5. Oh and by the way, I LOVE your title page. It was totally worth all of the time and effort you put into making it. My guess is 3 hours!

  6. hi! i forgot that you sell CM too:) lol i was like "oh, she has my new heart punch" then duh!! love all the black and white pics! i always want to use more of them.

    thanks for participated!!

    noelle ♥

  7. What a great idea to dedicate a whole book to black and whites! It's always nice for a change to do a different kind of album. Speaking of scrapbooking...I really need some therapy!! ;)


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