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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Picnic Table Talk: Storytelling

Gavin loves to tell stories when he rides in the car. And he is quite the storyteller. I recently recorded one of his stories and promised to "publish" it on the computer.

This week's Picnic Table Talk about Storytelling is the perfect time to feature his little story.
Presenting, without further ado...

The Friendly Dump Truck

Once upon a time there was a bobcat and his trailer.
They had work to do, but they couldn’t find anyone to pull them.

As they sat and waited a front loader drove by.
“Will you please pull us big front loader?” they asked.

“No, Thanks!” said the front loader.

Next a dumpster truck drove up.
“Will you please pull us dumpster truck?” they asked.
“No, Thanks!” said the dumpster.

Then a dump truck stopped.
“Will you please pull us dump truck?” they asked.
“Sure,” he said.

They were so surprised they asked him again.
“Are you really going to pull us?”

The nice red dump truck hooked up to the bobcat and the trailer and they all headed out for a day of hard work.

The End

Impressive, right? ;)

Gavin and I wanted to check out the features of the story creator site at Disney's Kerpoof. Using the many scene and character options we created an illustration for the story. This was a joint project, as I was excited to see what the site offers, however it is age appropriate for Gavin to work independently. The Kerpoof studio offers many great features for designing cards, making movies, telling stories, illustrating, and more. The features are free and offer a lot of opportunities for creative expression. We will look forward to looking further into the site and spending more time telling our stories!
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  1. Wow. He is really good. Definitely keep him going and one day who knows he may be a well known children's book author. Fun

  2. I think we're going to have to check out that Kerpoof link. Looks like fun!

    Awesome story!

  3. What a creative little man, great job Gavin! Lilly has a similar story with a boat that she loves, I will be sure to read her your story.

  4. Aww... too bad I can't see what Gavin did. This is so depressing. I feel so left out.
    Sell this story to a children's book publisher. Or to Disney. You'll make some bucks out of it. Just kidding. :D

  5. What a fun idea! You have quite the talented little guy.


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