A List Maker's Life: Easing the Transition

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Easing the Transition

As we discovered on our recent trip to school for kindergarten testing, although he is acting excited about his new school adventure there seems to be a bit of anxiety lurking below the surface!

I searched out some suggestions from teachers, compiled on PBS Parents, for calming our fears about the first day.

~Ease into the routine
The start of a new year can be stressful - practice your routine a few days in advance.

~Ask your child compelling questions
Specific questions help children picture what school will be like.

~Describe what will happen on the first day
This will help ease nervousness or confusion

~Tool up
Obtain the class supply list and take a special shopping trip,
letting your child pick out a few special items.

We also tried a few ideas of our own in hopes of making this a smooth transition.

Visit the school playground with your child during the summer.
Encourage your child to imagine kindergarten.
How will it be like home and preschool? How will it be different?

~Find Some Friends
If you know other children who will be attending kindergarten at your child’s school, try to get them together in the summer. Your child will enjoy knowing a friend at school.

~Meet the Staff
Before kindergarten begins in the fall, visit the school with your child. Meet the secretary, principal, and custodian. On your way home, talk about how much fun kindergarten will be!

I know that several of you are experienced mamas and/or teachers. We’d love to hear your tips as well!
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  1. Great tips! I hope that it's a smooth transition for Gavin. Such a new experience for everyone! Best of luck...

  2. Make sure to stop by my room during Meet the Teacher too!

    Also, after you take his picture on the first day kiss him goodbye and then leave quickly without having him see you tear up. Gavin will do great! I'll say a few extra prayers for you too. : )

  3. I agree with Jenn, after you have said good bye it is important to leave quickly. Leaving was always hardest for me, especially with Topher because his eyes would well up with tears and his long lashes would sweep them quickly down his cheeks. Gavin will do great, it just may take a few days for him to be comfortable.


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