A List Maker's Life: The Bright Side

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Bright Side

The last few days have been chillier than normal for summer in Michigan with overcast skies and drizzle. In the midst of the clouds we've had some sunshine.

~The burden of deciding where Gavin will go to Kindergarten has been lifted. Our highly avoided conversation was actually a surprisingly calm discussion. After lisiting the pros and cons for each option we came to decision we are all excited about.

~Kevin arranged a beautiful bouquet for me as an anniversary surprise.

~We also enjoyed some "Love...Italian Style" at Via Maria.

~I have a sweet new cousin, Claire Lucille, who just happened to be born on our anniversary day. As reported by her very pleased Auntie Em, "She is perfection!"

~The kids and I invented our own game which happens to be filling lots of play time with addition practice fun. I'll have to tell you more about that soon.

~I spent an evening crafting cards with a friend. They are bright, cheerful, and ready to send. (And beautifully photographed with her fabulous new camera)!

~ Kevin and I took the kids to our favorite theatre to see the animated movie, UP!

~I am currently reading the new Max Lucado book, Fearless, for an upcoming review. It is a welcome contrast from the Twilight series I was reading last week.

~The audio book, The Noticer, has been inspiring me from my iTunes library while I work on the computer.

Whether or not the sun is shining in your corner of the world,
I hope you find the bright side!
In the words of The Noticer, "Perspective brings calm!"

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  1. I have heard great things about UP - my kids saw it with their grandparents.. I may take them again - for me.


  2. I'm glad you were able to come to a decision about Gavin's Kindergarten. I'm sure was a huge sigh of relief.

    That is a beautiful flower arrangement!

  3. yay for a school decision! I'm curious - did you choose a church program, public, private, homeschool, what? (if you're sharing, that is... if not that's ok of course!)

  4. it has been terribly gloomy/rainy in indiana too!! glad you were able to find some lovely things to do/read to being some cheerfulness your way!!

    i feel very bummed when the weather is like this!!

    i have appreciated the cool air though and being able to open up the windows:)

    noelle :)

  5. glad you found an option that works for you! Sounds very similar to my own kindergarten experience, so hopefully it will be ideal for your family too!

  6. I am so glad for the good things that have come from this chilly summer, can't wait to hear about your Kindergarten choice.

  7. Lovely flowers Katie, the pink and greens are so pretty and cheerful. Glad you 2 got out for some romance as well. How fun to have a new family member to celebrate on the same day.

    The cards are super cute, what a fun way to spend time with a friend. So looking forward to seeing UP but will probably wait for video. ER can't sit through a whole movie yet.

  8. Pretty flowers...Happy Anniversary! Cute cards...I bet that was fun to spend a night crafting with a friend. Hope Michigan will squeeze out a few more sunny (and somewhat warm) days for you before summer is officially over!

  9. What beautiful flowers and how sweet that you and your kids made up a game. Keep us posted on the books. They both sound interesting.


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