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Monday, August 3, 2009


Last Thursday a group of friends and I met got together for a day of crafting at my favorite preschool in Holland. We were thrilled to have space to spread out and work, while our kids enjoyed playing together.

They had a silly time with the crazy costumes, new toys, and sun & snacks on the playground. They quite possibly made the BIGGEST playroom mess I have ever seen. Oh Well. It gave us the opportunity to make some serious progress on our picture projects.
Some of our group has made the switch to digital scrapping. Have you tried it yet? It's addicting and doesn't require the table space and garbage bags necessary for "cut & paste" albums!

I was able to finish several pages in our '09 family album. The theme for this book is "Everyday Lessons." Each page in the book has a key word or big idea such as: trust, persevere, celebrate, etc. Based on the event featured I chose appropriate words. The last page of this album is going to be a glossary of sorts that tells the story or lesson behind the word on each page. This book is just about up to date, but as you can see I'm pretty much a "get 'er done" scrapbooker.

My pages are quite simple. During this crop I finished pages for: hard work, enthusiasm, heritage, traditions, wander, knowledge, appreciation, excitement, happiness, searching, and patriotic. So, it was a productive day for me!

While we worked Gibson napped on the lap of a cozy, overstuffed friend!

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  1. What a fun time for everyone. I haven't tried digital scrapbooking but it looks like fun.

  2. How fun! I would like to try digital scrap booking sometime, but I wouldn't know where to start.

  3. Very fun day! I felt very productive that morning and that has continued as I've accomplished more at home! Thanks for a fun day! :-)

  4. What a difference between the traditional scrappers and the digital scrappers tables... I was spilling over on the other tables! Thanks for getting us together and working on our books, can't wait for the next one!

  5. So awesome to have the preschool used during the summer months.
    I'm glad you thought of it and that you guys had a good time!

  6. Oh wow I love how you divide up your scrapbooking. Great idea, I am a pretty standard chronological scrapper so pretty boring. Are you completely digital now? Where do you get your pages printed?

    On a totally seperate topic, are we going to do a Beauty in Backlight giveaway? Last week on Monday Annette's guess was that the next sponsor was you...just wondering.


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