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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Art in the Park

Today is Holland's Art in the Park.
In fact, it is the 40th Annual edition.
This juried arts and craft show is touted as "Michigan's Premiere" and it's seriously like "etsy live!" I love it.

It seemed a bit strange not to be getting ready for this event as a vendor this year. The past two years Amanda and I have had great success selling Boutique Bouquets. However, our own little baby blooms (aka Korra & Gibson) took precedence over that venture this year.

However, I was excited to be able to head to the park to shop and collect clever ideas, from over 400 booths, for another year of crafting. I also had a mission - to shop Petunias.

Kelly G, Petunias owner, make the most adorable baby gear using oh. so. many. cute. fabrics. I specifically had in mind to pick up an Icky Bag or two. The Icky Bag has a waterproof lining and is intended to hold all the wet and icky things that need a temporary home: sun screen, baby food, a used spoon, bathing suit, wet outfit, and more. I was specifically in need of an XL bag for the nursery to hold wet diapers until they make it to the wash & a bitty bag for the wet ones on the go. I picked a pattern similar to the one pictured here, but the birds on ours are all blue (that makes it okay for my little boy, right?!?!).

Although I have made many of my own bows and baubles for Anne Hope's hair, I've found that none of mine compare (frankly, I've haven't found anyone's that do) to the way Kelly ties off her little bows. So, we added to our "pretties" collection today as well.

Petunias is available on etsy.com if you want to check it out. Mommas beware, spending ahead!

Show Favorite?
I came upon a new business called "All You Have To Do Is Cook."
I love the way this lady (Kim) thinks! She has taken the time to put together meal plans and grocery lists for 3 months worth of different meals. She has printed the recipes and lists on fun paper, covered them with page protectors, and displayed them in decorated binders (customized to match your kitchen). I thought this was such a fantastic craft and service. Kim offers two versions of the meal plan: regular & low fat. Her booth was also set up to be so inviting and perfect for marketing her product. After talking with her briefly, I would be thrilled to help her set up an online shop for her cookbooks. Then you will be able to see what she has put together and grab one for yourself!

Worst of Show? There was a man selling "Red Neck Chimes." He used floss to hang scrunched up beer cans from a piece of drift wood. I, yi, yi! Wonder if he'll make enough money today to pay back the booth fee?? Anyway...

Overall, this year's show did not disappoint. There were many booths displaying beautiful photography, paintings, stitching, jewelry, and more. I left inspired (and for some reason with a squeaky stroller wheel, but that's another story...)!
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  1. That sounds like a really fun event. LOL about the redneck chimes. I hope that dude keeps his day job.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Note to self...buy the Meyerings some redneck chimes and other similar items to display on thier camper. :)

  4. I have one of those chimes.....jk!! I love Petunias too!! I couldn't decide what to get so I held off, but figured I would find my into her etsy store soon enough!

    I saw the cookbooks, and we thought they were a great idea too! Only thing that would make them better is if they came with a cook!

  5. Oh..Katie Art and the Park wasn't the same...maybe next year...that is if you don't have anymore children on the way!!!
    cute things you got...love the bag!


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