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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Picnic Table Talk: Organizing

These 4 organizational tips have helped me to get a little control over the paper clutter in our kitchen, make it easier to find new activities & favorite recipes, and save our family a little bit of time and space.

1. Meal Plan Albums

I organized our favorite recipes into plastic 4x6 picture albums. These are the recipes we use most often. Notice the blue writing on the pages. Using a wipe off marker I made notes about which side dish recipes work best with each recipe and where to find those recipes.

2. Recipe Binder

The recipes already printed & cut from magazines are now sorted by meal course in this binder. Each recipe is in it's own plastic page protector for quick wipe offs during cooking accidents. I also printed my online recipes and added them to this binder.

3. Tips & Activities

Stuck in with my recipe collection were the many magazine activity ideas I have been saving to try with the kids. Those that were too large for notecards are now safely stored in their own page protectors in the "Tips" binder

4. Activity Notecards

The suggestions that were small enough to be filed have been glued to 3x5 notecards. The picture of each ideas is on the front of the card and the instructions are on the back. These are sorted into very general catagories: games, learning activities, science experiments, kids crafts, adult crafts, and home-making tips.

This is a shortened version of an original post from March.
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  1. OK, I need you to drive down to Ohio and organize me like this. This is wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing. I actually think I'm going to write down your stroganoff (SP?) recipe.

  2. I love your activity notecards! What a great idea!! I'll have to try this one, thanks for sharing it!

  3. Wow, I wish I were organized like this! I'm still conquering clothes and toys, although I have just gotten a start on organizing activities - all a work in progress, I guess... Thanks for the tips, it always helps to see how someone else has achieved organizing success!

  4. I love the idea for organizing activities. That is exactly what I need to do because I have such a hard time getting the ideas off of the computer so that we will actually do them.

  5. I guess as a list maker you are also Miss Organizer! WOW! THat is awesome! I had actually been planning to use a 4x6 photo book for my recipes. :) I even bought them already!

    Great ideas!

  6. Thanks for the great ideas. I want to make an activities box now. I have files in a filing cabinet, but putting them on 3x5 cards to get at easily is a fabulous idea!

  7. Great tips! I really like your activity box.

  8. Great tips. I am amazed! I have a photo album I use for my recipes but when I put recipes in they're folded print outs or magazine pages put in willy nilly. I guess my next step would be to try to assemble them nicely and uniformly. Baby steps.

  9. How fun! I love your activity card box. I keep our recipes in a binder as well.

  10. I remember this post from last March...probably because it was SO something I would do. Love all of this organization frenzy!! I think I might do that little album (first tip) with all of our favorite recipes. Makes sense to me since I'm a creature of habit. :)

    OK, you probably just fell off your chair right now because you haven't heard from me in forever. I'm still here, I promise!! ;) I hope you're having a great summer with your family.

  11. I need a copy of your recipe album - we are so stuck in the same food rut here, because I am completely unorganized and at best plan my dinner in the morning. At worst it's frozen pizza night yet again. Thanks for the tip about keeping the recipes in the binder, sounds like a great idea.

  12. Wow! I thought I was organized. You get the prize girl! Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for following My Four Monkeys!


  13. My thoughts on this post.
    Who it this lady and why am I not following her?

    I am now!

    Thanks for the inspiration.


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