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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Did You Know?

Coming up with three things that no one knows about me is a bit tricky. Looking back, it seems I blather about myself quite often here on A List Maker's Life. But, here's a try - three new pieces of random.

~This beautiful mei tai, from Cuddling Baby, arrived in my mail this week. This carrier has been on my wish list for awhile. I finally figured between summer camping adventures and the upcoming soccer season it was no longer a want, but a need - right?!?!

~I've never left Target with only the item I went intending to buy in my cart. Wait...has anyone??

~In honor of Kevin's first day of vacation I made bran muffins for his breakfast. They are a favorite for him. Me? After seeing what goes into them, I can't bring myself to give them even a little nibble.

I'm looking forward to finding out all sorts of "Did You Knows" from other MckLinky hoppers!

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  1. Once, I've left Target once with only the items I came for. I remember because I immediately called my husband and told him. Other than that...impossible.

  2. LOL about the bran muffins! I do pretty good at Target, unless I bring my daughter or my husband along.

  3. I give you credit for carrying around your young babe because I couldn't do it. Shopping at Target is tricky. I never bring a list so that way when I go to check out I don't feel guilty for all of the extras that I'm buying. Kuddos to you for making your hubby bran muffins. In my opinion they are only good for keeping people regular!

  4. Tob is sure I helped them build the new one so you could say Target is a weak spot of mine.....or bad habit???


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