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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Things I Love: Pure Michigan

I just get all sentimental and gushy inside when I listen to these crazy commercials.I love watching the scenes pass by and remind me of places I've lived, visited, and made memories.

I chose this video share because it focuses on the historic lighthouses on our coasts. Kevin and I spent many weekends (before kids) touring MI to explore lighthouses. In this particular ad, the beautiful Big Red Lighthouse is featured. Big Red holds memories of milestones in our lives: the college beach house, "Answered Prayers," Kevin's engagement proposal, and more.

The Pure Michigan ads are right on!. There is so much we appreciate about living in Michigan. For those of you who are not able to live here, perhaps you'll want to plan a visit for this summer?


  1. We might stop through in a few weeks. Our pastor is now the teaching pastor at Calvary Bible in Kalamazoo and we hope to visit him soon while we are training this summer. If you live anywhere near there, you should drop in. He has an amazing wife and family and we miss him dearly!

  2. We live in MIchigan, too. And we love it. My family just doesn't get it. They think of the snow and then they just shake their heads. They just don't know about the great beaches, the beautiful falls, the endless fruit and the fun small towns.
    Staci @ teachingmoneytokids.blogspot.com

  3. katie - thanks for stopping by our family's site! I love your blog - I LOVE LOVE LOVE lists and this is such a cool way to record your family's memories.

    I'll be back, I promise!

  4. How beautiful! Looks like a GREAT place to visit.


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