A List Maker's Life: Robot #1

Monday, June 8, 2009

Robot #1

We had all sorts of fun celebrating Gavin's 5th birthday.

He kicked off the celebration with a Pirate party with his grandparents last Thursday. For this event he chose a giant cookie cake. We decorated it with a pirate-y landscape. The gold nuggets were mini Reese's Pieces & the sand made out of "gramma" crackers. Thank goodness for Little People for easy, peasy decorative figurines.

On Saturday he had his first "big kid" party. Gavin was allowed to invite 5 friends to come to his "no parents" party. We had such a great time enjoying our littlest friends at this robot themed party. Our inspiration for this party came from a visit to the artistic genius that is Dappled. Once I saw the free downloadable birthday invites and thank you notes I knew I had to find a way to work them into our celebration.
Party Details:

Robot Bags
The favor bags were stuffed with melted down & re-molded crayons, hard candy wrapped in tin paper, a hand made memory game featuring digitally designed robot pictures, and shrinky dink robot key chains. The shrinky dinks were a very fun pre-party project.

Nuts and Bolts
The table is wrapped with white wrapping paper. We drew robot bodies around tin serving trays in the middle of the table. Our tins were filled with "nuts & bolts" aka peanuts, pretzels, cheerios, and cheetos.

The cupcakes are the amateur version of a similar set that I saw on The Hostess Blog. Ours didn't look quite as slick as hers, but the kids enjoyed them. Instead of fancy frosting for our bot bodies, we cut up pieces of Fruit by the Foot.

Glue Bots
For one of our party activities the kids decorated their own Glue Bots. We used tin foil food containers with lids to make robot faces. Each table had a big bottle of glue and muffin tins full of metal-ish robot face parts: sequence, nuts, bolts, safety pins, buttons, silver pipe cleaner, silver stickers, paper clips, and more. The kids made many cute faces, but by the time they were ready for pictures my fingers were too sticky to touch the camera. Missed that moment...

Robot Research
The teacher in me insisted on having stacks of robot themed books for the kids to look at during the party's transition times. Believe it or not they actually had fun checking out books from the kitchen table as if it was their personal library.

Build a Bot
As the kids arrived they dove into a pile of Legos to build their own robot creatures. Before the party Gavin made up several model robots as samples. We took pictures of them for the non-Lego-lovers to copy instead of coming up with their own ideas. Everyone seemed to enjoy building and it was a nice way to get them all involved right away.

Bot Boxes
The most active game was the Bot Boxes. During the week before the party, Gavin and Kevin carved arm holes and faces out of several cardboard boxes. They covered them in shiny tin foil. During the party the kids gave the Bot Boxes a tune up using their imaginations and several fun tools: wrenches, pliers, spray cans for "oil", funnels, hammers, and more. Once they were tuned up each child put on a box for a little robot freeze dancing & robot musical chairs. We used fun tunes from the Wall-E soundtrack and the tune Robot #1 from Hi-Five.

Overall, this turned out to be a really interesting theme and Gavin loved the opportunity to use his imagination, exercise his creativity, and enjoy his friends!

If you are interested in throwing your own robot bash, you may want to take a look at Cookie Magazine for more robotic inspiration.

Sunday was Gavin's actual birthday. We spent the afternoon partying with more pirates & more grandparents!

Gavin wanted a cake shaped like a boat.
I tried...
He wasn't impressed...
I will be researching frosting tricks for the future.

Gram and Grampa brought the kids a treasure hunt in a box. The box was fun of sand; they dug through to find coins, jewels, and other treasures. Gavin also dug for hidden chocolate treasure in the sand box.
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  1. Great job Katie! So many great ideas, down to the details. I loved the reeses pieces gold. I'm going to have to hire you to plan Molly's parties. :)

  2. What fun! I think your cupcakes are absolutely adorable! Jacob had a great time attending Gavin's party. We heard all about robot dancing. His only complaint was that he wished he could stay longer. :) LOL

  3. How fun! What great party ideas! I bet the robot theme was a big hit!

  4. Oh, Katie - great job, especially when putting on three parties! I only wish I would have been close by to help, I love parties. :) You should submit this to Creative Parties and Showers.

  5. Those are some great party activities! I would like to remind people though that you should make sure that no one has peanut allergies before you set out the nuts and bolts spread.

  6. Great job Katie! I love it! We are also doing a pirate party this summer for Jake! I can't wait! You're such a creative and wonderful mom!!!

  7. so creative-seriously amazing! I love the cupcakes too :)

  8. What fun! I love the pirate cookie cake!

  9. Well he might not have been impressed with his cake but I am! I hear you with the frosting thing, I got a decorating set for Xmas this year so hopefully there won't be all the cursing like last year the night before her party when Brad and I try to figure out cake decorating 101!

    Can't believe how fabulous your robot party was! Love the art project, how fun and I'd have loved seeing them all clunking around in those boxes!

    Not surprised one bit about the robot books, can take the teacher out of the classroom but not the teacher out of the mommy!

    You did a wonderful job, you must have been BUSY prepping for it!

  10. loved looking at the party pictures and seeing some of my favorite students!
    It looked like they had a lot of fun!


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