A List Maker's Life: Pipa's Polly Pocket Park of Amusement

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pipa's Polly Pocket Park of Amusement

Little Miss Anne Hope made out like a bandit during this weekend's garage sale-ing adventure. On Friday we ran across a twin girly sale full of Polly Pockets & My Little Ponies. Being the, "I Don't Want Her to Think She Gets Everything She Wants All the Time and Becomes a Spoiled B-R-A-T," mom that I am. I told her she could pick out a few small outfits for her ponies. We brought them up to the lady and she said, "Oh, you can have that pile for a quarter." Perfect!

As we were driving home I couldn't help but grin thinking about what a steal that was. Man, we could probably have had the whole shebang (2 pony castles, 2 pony cars, 2 beauty salons, 2 bakeries, 2 carnivals... for like $20!). I couldn't stop thinking about the ponies and Pollies left laying in that front yard. So, after the kids' nap we went back to the sale and bought another pile. We filled a plastic grocery sack with Pony gear for $5. Now, that is one serious deal!

Saturday morning, as I was driving past the same sale on my way to the grocery store (sans kiddos) I couldn't stop myself from taking another peek. Feeling very sheepish I approached the Polly Pocket collection thinking, "I'll just tuck these things away until she is a little older and we are bored on a rainy day." I decided on a few little pieces and dolls.

"That is part of that big amusement park kit. You might as well take the whole thing instead of breaking up the set."

"Oh, I guess I really shouldn't buy that whole big set..."

"How about I pick through and find all the pieces for you. You can have it for $2."

Another deal I failed to resist.

"I promise, I won't be back again today," I told the generous seller. She assured me that I was more than welcome to come back and unload more of their no longer loved treasures.

I headed home to hide the Polly Pockets away for a later date. But, I wasn't sneaky enough and Anne Hope spied the whole ensemble. She and Gavin were so thrilled with the set they spent most of the afternoon figuring out how to put it together. When we had a few left over pieces we didn't know how to add to the set, I did a quick Google search to find a picture and/or instructions to follow.

We found our picture and instructions, much to our surprise, on an Amazon.com listing for...

are you ready for this...


That is what I call amusing!

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  1. I am impressed that you were able to have such self-control over such a great deal! We found a huge set at a garage sale a couple of years ago that we bought for
    $25, but it is worth probably $500! I felt the same way as you did (about not giving them every single thing that they want), so we leave it over at grandma's. :) I get tired of going to lame garage sales, but when you find a good one, it seems to be worth it!

  2. What a great deal and one happy little girl!

  3. What a deal!! Emmah looks at all of that stuff everytime we go to Target!! Next time, you have to take me garage saling with you!! Way to go!! I never seem to find those deals, what great luck for you and Anne Hope!! Enjoy!

  4. SO MUCH FUN! Wow - what a great deal! :-)

  5. That is an awesome deal! I never find a whole set of anything around here for less than $10-$15, so we pass them up.

    My daughter would love that set! She loves MLP too. Target had a set of the little MLP 50% off for $5.48. We let her get it today. She was so excited.

  6. Great job!!! Hopefully Gibson doesn't get a taste for the little Pollies. :) I think the boys are starting to get the Lego itch around here...

  7. WOW! My 4 and 6 yr olds would have been in heaven. They love MLP and Polly Pocket and play with them all the time. Great deal!


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