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Monday, June 15, 2009

Let's Go Fly...

...a Paper Plate Kite

~paper plate
~4 short pieces of yarn
~1 long piece of yarn
~tissue paper
~4 pieces of curling ribbon
~glue & scissors

Decorate the white side of your paper plate with tissue paper squares, collage them as a mosaic and attach with glue. Add jewels as desired.

Tie 1 short piece of yarn through each hole punch on the plate. Tie the 4 pieces together in the middle and attach them to the 1 long piece of yarn.

Staple on the red streamer. Tie the curling ribbons around the streamer at 4 different spots.

Head outside to fly your kite!

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  1. Very cute Katie! My kiddo loves gluing tissue paper so we'll have to do this one too because I happen to have some jewels too:)

    Thanks for holding down the fort while I was off in Philly!

  2. We're so going to do this at the Boos household! ;) I'm bookmarking it right now!

  3. This is so fun and simple. I have tons of tissue paper saved from birthdays and Christmas. Last night we made butterflies from my leftovers because the kids couldn't wait for the swap, I am sure they will really enjoy this craft too.

  4. What a fun kite to make with the kids! You always have such cute ideas!

  5. I love your kite! We will have to try this for fun this week. Great idea and so cute!


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