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Friday, May 22, 2009

What's Your Name?

Does every family assign a collection of goofy petnames to the same sweet little lovies they so painstakingly poured over baby naming references to find the perfect fit for? I hope we're not the only ones.

Check out the list of monikers our kids have collected already:

Binky T Barnes

Anne Hope
Pipa (she has many variations on this theme, referring to the unique noise she was famous for as an infant)
Princess Pip
Pipa Cottontail
Annie Hop
Doodle (short for Hope-y Doodle, Momma's Noodle)

Bubby (that would be a baby/buddy slur)

I do love having special names for my babes and I tend to use them often. I think a nick name has to grow on a child, they can not just be assigned. (I would have never dreamed up BT for Gavin). However, it super douper urks me when others, who overhear our special pet names, think it is okay to use them when addressing our kids. Excuse Me! I gave those children perfectly lovely real names. Please use them....;)

How about you? What endearing nicknames have you acquired or assigned?



  1. I'm glad we're not the only ones. Some how my daughter Molly has:
    -Cakes (short for Molly-cakes, which came from calling her Baby cakes before we picked out a name)

    Don't know how all those happened!

  2. Kim,
    What a fun list! Thanks for sharing Lil' Miss Mol's nicknames!
    Had to give her one more:)

  3. I babysit a Drew that is called Drewby... lol glad we are not the only ones!

  4. LOL! I was called Benny Bones for a long time by my Dad. He always wanted a boy, so he'd call me Benny instead of Jenny. Bones was because I had a boney butt and it hurt his leg whenever I sat on it.

    I was also lovingly referred to as Tweety when I was a baby, because of my large cheeks and no hair.

    And Jenny Penny in grade school. Wendy Whiner (from STL), apparently I whined a lot?

    Abby has been known as Crabby Abby since day 1! And her Papa calls her Abby Dabby Do.

  5. I love the Anne-Tagonizer one! That is too funny! Cute post, I will have to make a list of my own one of these days!

  6. When my husband and I were waiting for my daughter to be born (she's adopted) my husband opened a fortune cookie and the fortune read "you will soon receive a special package of extreme importance".. after Nikki was born - we called her our special package... thirteen years later.. the fortune is still taped to our refrigerator.


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  8. My first name is Elizabeth, named after three generations in our family. My dad wanted to call me by my middle name - Paige - so Mom came up with "Issybeth" to keep the Elizabeth in their somewhere. My nephew calls me "P"!

  9. i have a gavin too!! he is pretty much just "gav"; he used to call himself "guy". our gage is "gagie bear" and "bub"! LOL

    my oldest son used to call me "momma-zone"; have NOOOO idea where that one came from!!

  10. This is such a cute post - I know we have nicknames for the kids other than "buddy" but I am drawing a blank... "Toph" and "Lil" come to mind and when we were pregnant with Nathan we called him "padiddle" but I am not sure why...

  11. Everyone calls my son "little man". He says things like "Actually Violet (baby sister) was being disgraceful". Not your typical 4 year old, lol. He sounds like an eccentric little old man.
    My daughter goes by "birdie". She's tiny and demanding.

  12. Wow! This is quite the list! We must not be a very creative family because our names for Austin are "little man", "Austin boy", and "brother". And for Mikayla "sissy" and "Kayla". I'm sure there's more especially when they were babies, but none of them must have stuck!


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