A List Maker's Life: Things I Love Thursday: Parades

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Things I Love Thursday: Parades

I like watching people.
I like crowds.
I like listening to bands.
I love a parade!

This week in Holland we have the opportunity to take in all kinds of parades, as we continue to celebrate Tulip Time. For the first time ever Gavin participated in a parade. I joined him on his school float in the Volksparade yesterday. Fun! He was such a trouper as he smiled & waved the entire parade route.

Here are the parades in town this week:

Wednesday: The Volksparade
"Watch hundreds of Dutch-costumed townspeople armed with brooms and pails scrub the parade route clean. The Volksparade features dozens of colorful bands, floats, and more. Our Exhibition Dutch Dance groups “Klomp” along the route in their authentic costumes and real wooden shoes! Volksparade approximately 1½ hours."

Our Parade Highlights -
~Watching for our friends and neighbors as they scrub the streets
~The Cherry Lane Preschool float

Thursday: The Kinder Parade
"This colorful parade gives over 7,000 area school children the opportunity to greet our visitors. Dressed in Dutch costumes, these children showcase Holland’s Dutch heritage with their creative use of props as they march with contagious enthusiasm. A great photo opportunity! Approximately 1½ hours."

Our Parade Highlight -
~Watching for all of my previous students as 1,000's of area children parade in their costumes.

Saturday: The Muziek Parade
"The grand finale of the festival! Nearly 40 bands and as many floats, giant helium parade balloons, horses, Klompen Dancers, and much more perform along a 2.4 mile route to the delight of young and old alike. Muziekparade approximately 2 hours."

Our Parade Highlight -
~The thrill of hunting out the best seat and putting our blankets & chairs on the curb at precisely 9 PM the night before the parade. Ridiculous, huh?
~Our favorite band in all 3 parades is the Holland High School marching band. They do a fabulous rendition of Tip Toe through the Tulips as they dance in wooden shoes through the entire parade route. At this parade they seem to kick with extra enthusiasm.

Yes, 3 parades in one week! Makes for lots of excitement. The area students love it too because parade days mean 1/2 days of school. YEAH!


Parade descriptions are taken from the Tulip Time website.


  1. Oh good golly, that shoe float! How fun, geez Katie you're finding all sorts of reasons for us to come back next year and stay overnight so we can do everything! Now my mom and dad want to come with us too!

  2. Too cute! It sounds like you all had a fun time!

  3. We love the Holland Marching Dutchmen Band too! Probably because we are both Marching Dutchmen Alumni and were band sweethearts...awe so cute! It was so fun to see you two in that parade, a special treat for a 4 year old to recognize friends IN the parade!

  4. Awwwwwwwwww, cute, cute, cute!!!!

  5. That shoe is so cute! I wish I could go to Holland to see all the gorgoeus tulips! I ordered flowers from Brecks, I can't wait for fall to plant them! I am going to a small tulip festival this weekend - can't wait!

  6. you would love southern illinois it seems as if there is a parade every weekend

  7. Tulip Time really is one of a kind. I am bummed that it never worked out for Nathan to walk in the Kinder parade. I am so glad Gavin did!

  8. We have yet to make it over to the parade, but after these pics I see I need to make an effort. Love tulip time!!


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