A List Maker's Life: Talking About Grandmas

Friday, May 8, 2009

Talking About Grandmas

In honor of Mother's Day I interviewed the kids. I asked them a few questions about our favorite moms...their Grandma's.

What is a grandma?
Gavin: A Mom. Like Gram is your mom and Gramma Great is Gram's mom.
Anne Hope: A Gram E, or a Grandma M, or a Grammy Great.

What do grandmas like best?
They would love me best.
Grandmas love bears.

What do grandmas do?
They play with people. They bake some food and eat pizza from a real pizza place that's good.
They talk, play, and read books.

What do grandmas say?
I Love You.
Let's play cars.
Food time!
Let's put on your clothes to go to Lowes or something.
Who did that???

What does grandma smell like?
Um, I don't want to answer that one!
Anne Hope, not really...

What are your grandmas' favorite colors?
Grandma E. - pink
Grandma M. - purple
Grandma E. - red
Grandma M. - yellow or black

What is your favorite thing to do at your grandmas' houses?
Wii, Micro-Machines
Airplane toy
Coloring & Art, Abby & Emma
Airplane toy



  1. Cute! Their grandmothers will enjoy this!

  2. so sweet! Happy Mother's day!

  3. Too funny, I'd love that one smells like pizza!

  4. I like their answers, I many pretend this is one where I have been tagged and play along too. I wonder what the kids would say, especially having 3 grandma's. It was so good to see the kids yesterday, they are growing so fast!


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