A List Maker's Life: Preschool Graduation

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Preschool Graduation

Last Friday, was Gavin's preschool graduation. The kids donned their caps and gowns, walked across the mini stage, and each received a special certificate of completion!

My reaction -
"I found myself getting a little choked up about my babe reaching his first school milestone. I wonder if I'd feel less emotional if I had a clue where he was going to go to Kindergarten."

Gavin's reaction -
"I am going to look RIDICULOUS in that red dress and hat!"

After the ceremony all of the Cherry Lane grads and their families celebrated at Timbertown, a fabulous wooden playground in our area. Post park, we took our little after party to Mickey D's so Gavin could treat himself and his sister to a Happy Meal with the graduation $ from Gram ("because Gram is the only one who lets me get a Happy Meal with a toy in it.")
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  1. He's adorable in his cap and gown. Congrats.

  2. What sweet pictures! He looks so cute in that cap & gown. When I graduated from Kindergarten we just wore our regular clothes LOL

  3. Aww, how adorable! Congratulations to Gavin. Good luck with the kindergarten thing.

  4. I bet a lot of boys have a problem with the "red dress." :)

    What are your options for school next year?

    We were struggling with the idea of preschool or not for my turns 3 in October daughter. Normally we wouldn't consider it this early, but she has a speech disorder...and preschool is all about language. We've come to the conclusion that if she gets into the develpmental preschool, great, and if not what I do at home will work in addition to her therapy.

  5. Congratulations, Gavin! What a milestone! I KNOW I'm going to be the one in the audience who is bawling when the time comes, so it's good to know that I might not be alone. ;) I have a hard time holding that stuff in.

    Good luck finding a place for Kindergarten. Are you thinking public or private? We're debating on whether or not Mikayla should go to preschool next year...what are you doing with Anne Hope? Any thoughts on the subject to help us make a smart decision?


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