A List Maker's Life: Crafting with Ribbon

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Crafting with Ribbon

craft challenge
This month Heidi challenged us to craft something with ribbon! I spent quite a bit of time trying to think of some clever, out of the ordinary, project to try using ribbon. However, when it came right down to it I realized I have many homemade ribbon projects I have made or used throughout this month.
Here's a list of the different ways we've put decorative ribbon to good use:

Rearranging Ringlets: Hair Bow

Replying: Thank You Note

Relaxing: Felt Play Mat
This quiet play activity was made by sewing a piece of felt to the inside of a decorated vinyl placemat. I sewed the ribbons in on one edge. The mat rolls up (with pieces inside) and ties together. The vinyl makes for easy clean up! To make fun felt play pieces I printed digital designs on photo paper and attached them to a felt backing. You could also do this with stickers.
Remembering: Birthday Cards
I am a collector. I have a really difficult time throwing things away. Even, or should I say especially, birthday cards. After each of the kid's birthdays I compile their cards into small books. I put a hole punch in the top of each card and design a cover card with their age.
Each of the cards is then tied together with a ribbon.
The kids love to go back and look at all their special cards from each year.
Repurposing: Key Ring & Coaster Mini-Album
Resizing: Belt
Reading: Bookmarks
The kids and I just did this project this week. It was fun to make designs using our button collection. We glued them to our ribbon of choice with Zip Dry glue If I were still teaching I would love to make these with my students for them to give their moms for Mother's Day.


  1. What a great idea about the birthday cards! I always have so many just stuffed into drawers and various places. I just can't throw them away, so I'm definately going to have to do this!


  2. I love your idea for the birthday cards, I had never thought of that! I am gonna have to try Zip Dry glue, I am trying to glue ribbon to a metal barret clip and it will not stay put.

    All of these ideas are so fun and I like the way you organized them in your post.

  3. I also love the card idea!! I am going to give it a try. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love all your ideas-thanks for sharing. Your birthday card keepsake is awesome-what a great idea. I have all the kids' cards in boxes but I know some have gotten mixed up. This would be great to keep them all separate and special.

  5. I love the bookmarks! I love your creativity.

  6. You were so busy with ribbon last month! I love all the ideas, and BTW I also save all the cards from birthdays and make books with them, LOL more alike than we think! How did you make that bow on top, I've been wanting to make one of those!

  7. What great ideas! I really love the birthday card idea...I always just throw away bday cards because I never had a good way to organize them!! I also really like the bookmark idea, they would make great teacher gifts!

  8. The birthday card books are great! I am a thrower...but it would be nice for the girls to have them.

  9. I'm so glad you shared your LIST of ideas! ;) It's pretty amazing how much ribbon is used for so many projects. All of these ideas are so much fun. Do you have more information on the coaster mini album? It looks adorable!!

    Thanks for coming to the party! Happy Thursday!

    By the way...I recognize that stamp on that card! ;)

  10. Fabulous ideas!
    I particularly love the notecards! I am always partial to decorated notecards.

  11. Your are so creative! I am going to have to make some ribbon bookmarks with my girls.

  12. Lots of cute things!!! I love what you've done with the birthday cards, I don't want to throw them away, but don't know how to keep them! Thanks for the idea!

  13. Oh I love the cards you made with the numbers. Great idea. Come by tomorrow for a fun event at my blog if you would like.

  14. Love all these ideas - thanks for sharing them...they're all clever and cute!

  15. I'm loving that coaster allbum! That one os going on my to do list!

  16. Wow...you have been busy with all the ribbon projects! I LOVE the birthday card idea!!! It is awesome. I'm going to bookmark this page and do that! I just throw them in the boys own box...I love this idea!!!


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