A List Maker's Life: ABC & 123's Summer Prize Picnic

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ABC & 123's Summer Prize Picnic

Welcome to the picnic of the summer & THANKS for stopping by A List Maker's Life!

As a bit of an introduction to my family, my interests, my blog, and me I've come up with a little list (of course!).

I must preface this list by saying that my favorite picnics are the impromptu, pick up Jimmy John's on the way to the beach, ones. However, if I must plan ahead here's what I'll pack.

The Perfect Picnic Packing List

~Kevin: My handsome husband of 9 years
~Gavin: My inquisitive, days away from being, 5 year old
~Anne Hope: My dramatically independent 3 year old fashionista
~Gibson: My 7 month old sweet, smiley sonny
~Camera: To capture the moment
~Napkins & Wipes: To organize the messes
~Play Equipment: For making new memories
~Food: I'm not a huge hamburg/hot dog gal, but I love picnic salads, sweets, and side dishes.
~Blanket: Something floral, pink, or purple(better yet pink & purple)
~Diet Coke: Yup, pretty much addicted...ask my Tweeps!
~Reading Material: I love to read to myself and to the kids
~Off Lamp: To keep away all the pesky bugzzzzzzz
~Conversation Starters: To prompt some interesting picnic table talk & reflection

I can't resist a cute bag, so I am most likely to shove all my stuff into a cloth tote instead of a basket.

Once I'm packed, I'm ready to head off to one of our perfect picnic destinations - ANY Lake Michigan beach between St. Joseph & St. Ignace.

I'd love for you to join me!
Pack your bag (or basket) and I'll look for you at the picnic!
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On a side note:
It certainly isn't a summer picnic food, but I just found out my Easy Potato Soup recipe is the champion for the May edition of The Iron Chef Challenge. Thanks to those of you who voted!!


  1. I'll join you! :-)
    However, you forgot to pack your flip flops!!!! :-)

  2. Love the packing list!

    I've just posted my intro, but can't get even comments to work on the ABC&123 blog to link up. I'll be back to try again later today...

  3. Chelle~
    Oh My! I could call that a major oops on the packing list, or make up tell you that they are ALWAYS on my feet so there's no way I would forget them;)
    You, me, and our little peeps...we must do an in real life picnic this summer!
    BTW, this is from me...I think I'm signed in to ABC.

  4. Katie - we are going back to St. Joseph this year. We went last year on an overnight trip to the Curiuos Kids Children's museum and Deer Forest. We didn't get a chance to check out the WONDERFUL beach there, but hopefully we will this year. :)

  5. great packing list - when do we leave?

    I just had to vote for the soup - the other recipes did not come close! :)

    I hope all of our friends are having fun - I loved the post with the personalized books, they clearly loved those!

  6. Great post Katie, love the list format! See I told you that you're great at writing things short and sweet instead of with all the blah blah like me!

    I'm with you, I'd tote bag it all. I find actual picnic baskets hard to move around with☺

    Oh and this is the Other Katie, signed in as us!

  7. Nice to know you a little better! I love how you made a picnic list! So excited about the Picnic Prize this summer - what a great idea!

  8. Love your info! What a fun list. :)

  9. Nice to meet you. I like the way you introduced yourself and family.

  10. I enjoyed reading your list! Very creative "intro"!

  11. I love to read your posts Katie. I wish I was as creative! So excited to picnic.

  12. Hi Katie. For as many times as I've been to ABC, you would think I would have gotten here sooner. Such a wonderful post--love the list:). Thanks again for putting on this wonderful "picnic.

  13. I am enjoying reading ABCs and 123s and now I am delighted to get to know your personal site. Your recipes sound very yummy - I have to try it one day.

  14. Loved your picnic list. I'm a list maker too. My family makes fun of me for making so many lists, but I can't see how people live without them! By the way, my daughter's name is Katie...I love it!

  15. Wouldn't expect anything less than a list from you! Picnics are so much fun...especially in the summer. We usually make yummy sandwiches to bring along, or if I'm feeling a bit lazy, we'll just grab Subway! I'm all about a cute bag, as well. My mother-in-law gets all of these free bags from Lancome and passes them along to me, so I am gathering quite a collection!

    Congrats on winning the Iron Chef!

  16. Love your list! Glad that someone else enjoys a picnic on the beach as well! I'm not a hot dog/hamburger kind of girl either....but love just about everything else!

    I'm definitely going to have to try your potato soup recipe!

  17. Great list ! I'll keep these things in mind when we go on our first picnic :)


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