A List Maker's Life: Would You Rather

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Would You Rather

When asked "Would You Rather?" here is what I'd say Works for Me
What would you rather...

Always have to write with your other hand or with one eye shut?
I’d rather write with my left hand. It might look very messy, but at least I’d be able to see what I wrote.

Walk in circles through a spinning door a thousand times or hang upside-down for 3 hours?
I’d rather spin & spin in a door. At least I’d be going somewhere.

Wear a bicycle helmet everywhere you go or carry an open umbrella everywhere?
Well, if I had an open umbrella I suppose nothing would fall on my head that I’d need the helmet to protect me from.

Be the first person to land on Mars or the first one to live on the moon?
I’d rather land on Mars, as long as I could come back to Michigan ASAP.

Kiss a monkey or eat a bite of dog food?
Animals???!!! ACK…do I have to decide?

Be the fastest runner in the world or the fastest reader?
I’d rather be a fast reader that looks like a fast runner. I have some many books I’d love to have time to read.

Walk on water anytime you want or fly for 3 hours, but only 3 different times in your life?
I’d like to be able to walk on water. That is the perfect solution for not touching the gunk on the bottom of the lake.

Sleep each night on a hammock 3 stories above the ground or sleep each night on an air filled pool mattress floating in a pond of baby sharks?
Sleeping in the hammock high above the earth sounds a lot more relaxing to me than floating with flesh eaters.

Have a jar of jellybeans that never goes empty or a magical stereo that can play any song you want?
I’d love a magical stereo. I think everything is more enjoyable with background music.

Spend the rest of your life in a submarine or in a space ship?
I imagine the view from space would be amazing. I’d rather live in the space ship.

Thanks to Jenn @ Ponytails, Wooded Trails, and Camouflauge for the fun tag.
I'd like to pass it on to:
Mary Anne @ Thrifty Crafty Mama
Dawn @ 7 All Together
Paige @ Some Days You Gotta Dance
and anyone else who'd like to give it a try!



  1. Those are some interesting questions! I almost wish I was still teaching, just so I could ask my students those questions and hear their answers!

  2. I've given you the "The Let's be Friends" award Hope to get to know you better!

  3. Your so welcome! And I'm gonna grab this Tag Along from you too!! Do you own ABC and 123 too??

  4. I love all your answers! I might have to snag this one, too! ;)

  5. Thanks for playing along Katie. : )

  6. Interesting questions and great answers! This was fun to read your thoughts on such randomness!

  7. I FINALLY answered these - sorry to take so long! It got lost in my sea of starred blog posts.

    Thanks for the fun tag :)


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