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Thursday, April 2, 2009

With a Little Button

craft challenge
I wanted to try this idea from Cakies for using fabric scraps.

I made a slight adaptation which left my necklace looking a bit different than I hoped. {To be completely honest...the adaptation was a result of seriously misjudging the amount of material needed for each layer of my necklace.}

To solve my dilemma I dug into my button collection. It just happened to be sitting out waiting to be used as part of Heidi's craft challenge. So, I added 2 of my favorite little pink buttons to finish my fabric necklace.

I think the final product will be a fun addition to my summer wardrobe, currently comprised of solid colored t-shirts.

~fabric scraps in many different patterns & colors
~two little buttons
~needle & thread

~Tear the 9 strips of fabric into 0.5" strips
~Separate the strips into 3 groups of 3
~Hold 3 strips together with a rubber band on one end
~Braid each group of 3 separately. You will want your 3 strands to vary slightly in length so they layer from shortest to longest.
~Sew together the 2 ends of the longest strand (cut off the rubber band after the ends are sewn together)
~Lay the other two strands on the necklace where you would like them to attach. Sew them on to the longest strand.
~Sew on your buttons to cover the spot where the strands are connected. (I also tied a little scrap of fabric over this area before attaching the button).



  1. What a cute and different idea! I have never seen a fabric necklace. So fun!

    Have a great day!


  2. Cute necklace! That will look great with a white tshirt and jeans-very springy!!

  3. Crafty idea. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Perfect finish with a button or two! What a creative idea and I'm impressed that you actually went for it! Should be a fun addition for summer!

    If you get to your button project decorating eggs, link that up too! I'll be curious to see how someone else adapts the idea!

    Have a great day!

  5. cute! I like the button addition.

  6. cute! I was at a total loss for a button project. This is such a fun one, great job.

  7. I def. think it'll add a fun splash of color to your wardrobe! I wear mainly solid color tshirts too, so maybe I'll have to make my own version too!

  8. This is a great idea, I think yours turned out really well too!

  9. I love it...I totally want to make some for me and my girls now!


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