A List Maker's Life: That Desperate For Adult Conversation?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

That Desperate For Adult Conversation?

Yesterday my collaborating buddy, Katie, called me to chat about a few details. When I got off the phone Gavin asked me who I was talking to. I answered, "My friend, Katie."

Moments later I overheard Gavin telling Anne Hope,"I wanted to play trains with momma, but it isn't working out. First, she had to feed Gibson. Then, she had to help you with play dough. And NOW she has to talk to herself on the phone!"



  1. Oh my gosh this is too funny! The things our little ones say!

  2. LOL ~ that's funny! I just sent y'all an email,and I was thinking, aren't they both Katie? I had to come here to make sure I wasn't crazy!

    I had a teacher once who always said, "of course I talk to myself, it's the only intellegent conversation I can have some days!"


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