A List Maker's Life: "Sonny" Smiles & So Should You

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"Sonny" Smiles & So Should You

What should you do...
...when you're dreaming? Smile.
...when you want attention? Smile.
...when someone special comes in the door? Smile.
...when you try something new? Smile.
...when you meet someone for the first time? Smile.
...when you're stuck in a tight spot? Smile.
...when you see a favorite face? Smile.
...when the person in front of you is still learning to use the grocery store you-scan? Smile.
...when you're being held? Smile.
...when you're free to stretch out & explore on your own? Smile.
...when you are feeling under the weather? Smile.
...when you're at the doctor? Smile.
...when your sister is carrying on? Smile.
...when you reach a goal (rolling over, grabbing a toy, sleeping all night!)? Smile.
...when you wake up every morning? Smile.

Gibson - Bringing us all sorts of smiles & sonshine for 5 months already!



  1. Good post, to remind us of all the reasons to be happy! I think you've got three of the best reasons at home with you!

  2. How sweet...made me *smile* :)

  3. Even in the self-checkout? Thankgoodness Gibson keeps us looking on the bright side. :)

  4. and...a smile came to my face as I looked at that precious little face,what a doll Gibson is.

  5. So cute!! What a great reminder to SMILE. Such a cutie he is!

  6. I really *smiled* at this post because my 6-month-old is the same way. Love those toothless grins!


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