A List Maker's Life: Paper Flowers

Friday, April 17, 2009

Paper Flowers

It finally feels like spring around here! We are loving the warmer temperatures and the opportunity to play outside. However, after rest time today we did squeeze in a Kid Friendly Friday activity!

Although the temperature is rising, our flowers are not (soon, hopefully!). We decided to fill the vase in the center of our table with glossy paper flowers instead. This was an idea I pulled out of a Parent Magazine.

~pages out of a glossy publication
~straight trimmer
~green pipe cleaners

~choose a colorful page out of a magazine
~cut 6 - 1 inch strips from the page
~hole punch 3 holes in each strip (1 in the center, and 1 at 1/2 inch from each side)
~using 1 strip at a time thread the pipe cleaner through the center hole
~fold the sides to the middle and over the pipe cleaner in the center
~repeat with each of the 6 strips
~after they are all threaded, put the pipe cleaner up through a button then back down and through the center of all 6 petals
~twist the little end onto the stem to secure

Hmmmm...my instructions are a bit confusing.
Maybe the pictures will be more helpful!



  1. I just saw this in the Parents magazine too and tore out the page to try making these with Abby.

    Yours turned out so cute!

  2. My girls will love this activity-thanks!

  3. I like this recycle idea! My girls may have to make a vase full for their grandma on Mother's Day. Thanks for linking~

  4. These are so cute Katie, are you going to link on ABC? These would fit either the Earth Day - because they use up old magazines or next month in a flower crafts post. How neat!

  5. These are so cute. My little girl and I are going to have to make some of these soon. Thanks for the sweet comment you left me the other day, it really meant a lot...


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