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Monday, April 20, 2009

Mom Fit Monday: Everyday Exercise

Task for Week 3

"Getting fit doesn’t have to break the bank. This week I want you to take a traditional work out tool (ie hand weights, jump rope, bench press, etc) and share an alternative way to work-out with it using something you already have in your house. Or even better, tell us about a weigh to work out at home that doesn’t require any tools at all."

I must admit that when I read this task it was a bit daunting for me. I really don't have any creative ideas for developing a clever work out. In fact, I am quite pleased when I tie up my laces shoes and jalk/walk/dance as many times a week as I have set as my goal.

However, this week I rediscovered an effective at home workout that requires some unusual "work out tools." Are you ready for this???

Spring Time
Stuffy House
Great Music
& the Cleaning Bucket

Yes, SPRING CLEANING! I can vouch for the effectiveness of this work out, if done properly!
(Adding a baby carrier loaded with a 5 month old adds to the exercise benefits).

This day long exercise could easily be spread out over the week. And just imagine if I were to take part in this routine consistently each week (instead of 4x a year).

While cleaning the windows, walls, floors (I mop on my hands & knees), ceilings, nooks, and crevices the kids and I added extra hops, bends, stretches, skips, shuffles, and steps!

Here is just one of the crazy cleaning games we played.

Choo! Choo! - Each of us used our own dusting rag and started in a separate corner of the room. At the call, "All Aboard" we each "chug" our rag along the baseboards with "a chugga, chugga, chugga, chugga." At "choo! choo!" we lift up and ding our imaginary bells. We continue around the room until each board has been passed by once by each of us (3 times total).

I know...I know... I'm lucky the kids still play along and actually think these chores are fun.
With a little creative thinking each step in the house cleaning process could take on a few more muscle building moves. Happy Body. Happy House.



  1. Great idea, I need to get the kids involved in cleaning more often and that is a great game to get them motivated. So clever!

  2. My workouts include strength training as well as cardio. All you need are kids. Carry two children up and down stairs and make sure you always forget something such as a blankie, clothes so you have to constantly go back and forth. You get strength and cardio in one and you are done. Just don't forget to breath!

  3. NOt exactly what you asked for, but still a good FREE workout. Go to yoga today and get a free workout every day of the week.


  4. sounds liek you's had a blast. great workout


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