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Monday, April 6, 2009

Misc. Monday - List Lady Style

Weekend Highlights
We made the most of our weekend here on our Spring Break "Staycation!"

~Friday night pizza night
~Finally watched Slumdog Millionaire to see what all the talk was about.
~Went to the VanAndel Museum to see the dinosaur exhibit - Awesome!
~More sewing projects - I made Anne Hope another little sun dress. This one actually made out of material! While fabric shopping I came across a collection of Amy Butler simple pattern books that I would love to have:) - Adorable prints & projects! They might require a bit more sewing skill than I have at this point though.
~We all took a Sunday afternoon siesta - Ahhh! I haven't napped since before Gibson was born and boy did it feel good!
~Filled the sand box with new beach sand - It's all ready for a warm day of outside play.

Fit Mom Challenge

This week's challenge was to keep record of how I did with the goals I've set.

Here is a quick overview:
~"Jalked" {that'd be jogging & a walk} 3 nights
~1 walk with the kids {my goal was 2-45 minute walks)
~Avoided "Sugary C's," for the most part. I couldn't resist the Almond Joy Scone my mom picked up for me...uh, full of sugar, but at least it didn't start with a C...hee! hee! {Might not be quite as funny when I step on the scale.}

Meal Plan

Monday - Chicken Casserole - ready in the freezer from a meal swap
Tuesday - Salsa Chili - It's still chili weather here in MI
Wednesday - Spaghetti Pie - also from a meal swap
Thursdsay - Broccoli & Chicken Casserole
Friday - Kevin's birthday dinner with friends @ New Holland
Saturday - Kevin's birthday celebration with my family
Sunday - Easter dinner with Kevin's family

Now, that's the kind of meal plan I enjoy most.
The little bit of kitchen effort required will give me more time to keep enjoying Staycation with the kids.

Make My Home Sing Monday

Today I plan to "Make My Home Sing" by keeping focus on Holy Week {celebrating the many lows & highs of the miracle that is Easter}. One of my favorite cd's to celebrate the season is Cindy Morgan's The Loving Kind. I loaded up my iTunes play list with the songs. The album is a lovely musical journey through the biblical events leading up to the crucifixion & resurrection. My iPod will be singing this Monday, and so will our home!

To wrap up my Misc. Monday I must say that it is Not Me who is pretending I am on Spring Vacation even though it is my first year withough an official Spring Break. {It's a hard habit to break after being in school for 26 years!}

And if I seem to be excited about it, well that certainly could not be. I am not at all happy to be home this week relaxing & enjoying Easter preparations with my little ones in trade for going on a weekend scrapbook retreat in April & the MckCruise in 2010.

Did you catch that...I am NOT going on the MckCruise! Nope, not me!!
I am not already counting the days until I hug the sweet, HEALTHY MckMiracle I have had on my mind & in my prayers for the last 2 weeks!



  1. I've wanted to see Slumdog Millionaire too, did you like it? Love you list-like post, cute. Have fun on the cruise too, and give that little boy a hug for me.

  2. Wow! Spring Break and the MckCruise...you're really NOT having fun!

  3. Wow Katie are you really going on the cruise next year?! You are so lucky!

    What's this upcoming Mom Fit Challenge? I have to say I failed dismally this week, you would NOT believe the junk I ate yesterday!

    How was Slumdog Millionaire?

    Did you know there are some free Amy Butler sewing patterns on her website? You should check them out, I have read mixed reviews of her patterns some find them great others not so much...

  4. Oh my goodness, you are going on the cruise? That is so cool. Give Stellan a hug and kiss from me!!!

    I am going to ask my son if he's heard of that cd. Thanks for the link, it sounds cool!

    Thank you for joining us today!

  5. Sounds like you're having a great time! How cool that you are going on the cruise. I have been praying for that baby and I hope he gets well soon!

  6. Hubby, kids and I are going on the Mckcruise too- it will be so neat to meet Stellan and other bloggers! See you then ;-)

  7. Love the meal plan! Maybe I should try that instead of coming home at 5:30 and standing in the kitchen for an hour trying to decide what to eat? Hee hee!

    Have a great week!

  8. Awesome, Katie, that you are going on the MckCruise!

    I just had to giggle a little when you mentioned that you jalked. I used to say that all the time in college when I would go walking/jogging. I would joke with my roommate and leave messages saying that I went wogging or jalking. Too funny! ;)

  9. "Jalked" Love it! Way to go with getting in your walks this week!

  10. Here from Cat's MomFit Monday's:

    Congrats on doing so well this past week. And I wish someone would bring me an Almond Joy scone - never heard of them before but I am so positive I would have had to eat it too!

    Good luck this week!


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