A List Maker's Life: Happy Birthday "Old Man"

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday "Old Man"

Way back when, on Kevin's 27th birthday, while he was getting ready for work I was still snuggled in bed sleeping. I knew it was a special day and wanted to say good bye to Kev before he left. Who knows what I was dreaming about, but I mumbled "Happy Birthday Old Man." Now that has become our birthday joke. Really! It is still funny to us. So, the first birthday greeting of the day is from me & has since then always been the same.

How old is the birthday guy now?
I'm not saying, but I will take 31 guesses ;)



  1. Oh, that is great! I love your "31 guesses" hint! :)

  2. OH...what a cute little girl!! She is adorable. AND...happy birthday to your husband.

    Have a great day!!

  3. Too funny!! I often call my husband "old man" because he's actually younger than me! He'll be 29 this July, so really not by much I suppose. Hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration!


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