A List Maker's Life: April Fools!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools!

Mom sent me to tell you, that ultrasound picture if from last April.

It's ME!


Ahhhh... {Audible sigh from Graafschap to Cutlerville}

I had this post scheduled for 11 PM, but I can't go through the day worried about deceiving you all. Not so good at my "p-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face."


  1. I'm just first seeing both at once, but for a second I thought OMG four kids!!!

  2. Katie, I had to call Kevin to verify the first post -- but I had to believe, knowing you and what day this is, that you were April Fooling! But, you never know!

    That Gibson gets cuter and sweeter every day!

    Happy April First to you all!


    Mom M.

  3. Cracks me up! What a fun idea...you should have let it go a little longer and let us sweat it out a bit...because I saw them both at once. :)

  4. I thought of doing that today but figured too many people would realize it's not true given what today is. =)

  5. Dear friend, I thought how on earth could this girl go through another DD season feeling sick? But alas no worries. :)

  6. Gibson is a life saver - I wouldn't know what to say if it were true except that you are a better person than me! :)

  7. And you've said you don't have a sense of humor - this was a good one! Love that sweet Gibson smile. :)


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