A List Maker's Life: Tuesday Tackle: The Sewing Machine

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday Tackle: The Sewing Machine

I have a beautiful, antique sewing machine that my Gram & Mom bought for me.
I love hand made items.
I collect links to great sewing projects.
I especially want to try this, this, & this.

I found a pair of jeans with holes in both knees in Gavin's dresser.
I think Anne Hope would look adorable in the clever bandana dresses I have been admiring.

I really don't know how to sew!

I am determined to tackle it!

I hauled out my machine.
I dusted it off.
I put it in the middle of the living room.
I called Gram for needle & thread advice.
I started with the knee-hole jeans.
I cut off the legs & pinned up a hem.
I made big G a pair of shorts.

I'm feeling a bit more confident.

I pulled up the tutorial.
I dug out the bandanas I bought in anticipation of "someday."
I changed the thread color (this quite possible took more time than any of the other steps)
I followed the instructions.
I made a dress.
I cut the ribbon & threaded it through the "casings."
{I sound so knowledgeable, don't I?}
I turned it inside out.
I tried it on Anne Hope.

She likes it.
I do to!

I can sew (a little).
I am off to find more fun ideas!



  1. Crown is going really well...so convicting, but in a good way. Last week we talked about debt which really hit home! My husband and I are going to lead a discussion next week, on Honesty. I'm glad we enrolled and are learning what God has to say about His money.

  2. Learning to sew has been a lot of fun, I'm much more of a newbie than you but I really enjoy it. Can't wait for the pictures!

  3. Good for you! Seeing Kim's fun ideas makes me wish I knew how to sew... I have my Nana'a old machine but I just haven't been brave enough. Someday...

  4. Awesome Katie! I can't wait to see cute pictures.

  5. Well done! :) I've always wanted to try those, too. I'm working on a capri/tank set for my 2-year-old at present!

  6. Way to go ... you may have to teach me!

  7. Impressive! I haven't been brave enough to dive into sewing. The dress for Anne Hope turned out super cute!! Wanna make Mikayla one? ;)

  8. I have had so much fun learning to sew and made lots of sweet friends!!! Great job!!

  9. I love that dress! I have my bandanas waiting to do the same thing. Unfortunately, my sewing machine bit the dust mid project last week!

    I'm planning to use my babysitting money (I keep one child 3 days a week) for a new one so hopefully I can get back to it in a couple of weeks!


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